Inside Losi’s LST Electric Conversion Kit

Inside Losi’s LST  Electric Conversion Kit

Goodbye noise, hello power!
Fads come and go in RC, but monster trucks will always be popular. There is something special about the monster truck, maybe it’s the fact that it can be driven just about anywhere, dirt, pavement, rocks, racetracks, through grass or in the mud. Perhaps it’s the incredible airtime you can get with a monster truck or maybe it’s the wheelies—just grab a handful of throttle and watch the nose point to the sky. Actually, I don’t think it’s any one thing, rather it’s everything, and there is just so much to love about monster trucks. About the only thing not to love (if you’re an electric guy) is the fact that so many of the very best monster trucks come only as nitro versions. But now those of us out there longing for the quiet elegance of an electric Losi LST-based truck can have the precision of a factory conversion coupled with the gargantuan power of a 1/8-scale brushless system. The Losi LST Electric Conversion Kit (LOSB0017) is compatible with Losi the LST, LST2, LST XXL, Aftershock, Aftershock LE, 1/8 Raminator and Mega Baja vehicles.

Once I had all the mechanical and electrical components together, I was super anxious to take the big beast outside and see how it performed. The LST XXL on electric is everything I’ve ever wanted in a monster truck, it is wicked fast, unholy powerful, huge enough to climb over anything and it turns heads every time I take it out. I had some troubles with the 2-speed tranny on my first run. I found myself locked in first, then it seemed I was only in second, which I much preferred and left the transmission that way for the rest of my testing. Thanks to the brutal power coming from the brushless motor on board and high-performance LiPo battery first gear is not needed at all. The e-LST XXL wheelies on command and accelerates shooting shovel-full of dirt out from behind the massive tires, stand anywhere near the rear end when the e-LST XXL is on dirt and be prepared to take a dirt shower. Since the truck originally came with a radio with a speed sensor I could tell that as it comes out of the box, 40mph was easily possible on dirt, I may be able to get it up to 45 on some nice level pavement but trust me, a truck this size going anywhere north of 35mph will make you take a few steps back. The big shocks make for a plush ride, the e-LST XXL seemed to float with a slightly squatted down rear from the rush of speed. In the air the truck felt perfectly balanced. The instant-on of electric power allowed me to control the front end with a tap of the brakes or stab of the throttle. Speaking of brakes, as converted my LST XXL had mechanical brakes and mechanical reverse. The stock brakes were a bit too much for my liking and I had to tone them down considerably with some linkage tweaks. Runtime on the truck was excellent thanks to the relatively mild 1700Kv motor that I installed. The E-LST XXL will reign supreme amongst my monster truck collection, now I’ve got all the performance I need with the simplicity of electric and the quiet my neighbors like all in a truck that is so big that it can tackle anything I put in it’s path. Driving the e-LST XXL I found that I had a smile permanently plastered on my face. For me, this is what RC should be about, having fun with a vehicle you enjoy.

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Updated: August 18, 2011 — 11:26 AM
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