IFMAR Reprimands Pro Drivers

IFMAR Reprimands Pro Drivers

Before mains started, IFMAR officials held a meeting to address the tire controversy at the IFMAR 1/8-scale on-road world championship being held in Homestead, Florida. While no traction-adding tire treatments or “sauce” are allowed and tires are now being impounded, a sponsored competitor was found attempting to cheat at some point after the issue was initially addressed. Originally and before a tire impound had been put in place, a formal protest was issued regarding a more wide spread use of tire treatment. IFMAR’s impound area and rules put in place prevented the suspect tires from being used and IFMAR issued what is essentially a reprimand to the group of professional-level drivers in attendance. See the note issued below:


It is very sad to see that tire treatment is available, even here on the track by drivers who know on forehand that it could not be used.

They have gambled and hoped that it would be allowed due to the none availability of detecting equipment.

It is even sadder that this small group of drivers is responsible for the delays that now have occurred.

In the past a small group of drivers was also the reason we had to make a decision on the use of controlled fuel, because drivers were cheating.

Now this group might be responsible for the introduction of a controlled tire in the future.

An IFMAR World Championship has 150 till 180 drivers. The majority of them being an amateur, who has to pay 4000 till 5000 USD to run in such an event. Without them there is no World Championship. This small group of so called professional drivers should realize this.

Sander de Graaf

IFMAR IC Section Chairman”

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Updated: April 15, 2011 — 4:29 PM


  1. Even if no one said anything, everyone knows that such “sauces” are known as cheating. It’s really hard to find the money to be on these kind of events and going there just to be among the drivers that will be the base for someone to be world champion is already a frustration, knowing that these things happen just makes that frustration grow,
    When you are paid to use the best products there is so you can have all you need to have the chance of becoming WC you have responsibilities and you need to have a attitude of loyalty to the sport and all the others that are not paid or sponsored,
    Very sad but I’m afraid that this is very common now a days.

  2. If it was anyone But a “pro driver” they would have been Dq’ed, packed and out so fast their head would spin. I admit i push rules to the limit, but i ask before doing it to stay in the spirit of the class and the race. This being the worlds, I understand the pressure, but it’s still not an excuse. And if the sponcor knew and helped or forced the cheat, they should be excluded from the next two worlds. Yes, even non sponcered drivers can’t drive their product

  3. Any factory driver who blatantly tries to cheat should be dropped immediately – I certainly wouldn’t support a company who sponsors a known cheater.

    1. 100% agree.

      There is a big difference between “finding ways to improve performance” and “Blatantly disregard for clear rules”

      No tire additives/compounds/sauce means no tire additives/compounds/sauce. Spraying your tires with WD40, covering them with lipstick, licking them, sneezing on them…whatever… DON’T DO IT! Especially if you are getting paid to be there… show some integrity.

      I would think that finishing dead last in a race would affect your sponsorship less than winning and being caught cheating…

      Now the scary question: Did his sponsor put him up to it…

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