IFMAR Announces New 2017 Electric Off-Road Rules

IFMAR Announces New 2017 Electric Off-Road Rules

IFMAR (International Federation of Model Auto Racing) is the biggest governing body in racing and often establishes the rules and guidelines for the racing classes around the world. They recently convened this month to complete the 2017 Electric Off-Road racing and technical rules and posted the document online. If you are a serious racer or participate somewhere where the rules are used either as a guideline or for regulating races, you’ll want to read through it. Although nothing radical added, there are a couple of changes worth noting. An interesting one is:

4.4.1 Only Four wheel drive and 2 wheel/front wheel drive cars will be allowed. Any car competing in the 4WD Class must have effective drive to the front wheels. Any car which is designated as 4WD, must be able to complete a lap of the track with either the front or rear pair of drive-shafts removed, and all settings of the remaining drive-train as it will be raced, in a reasonable time frame.

Rumor has it that at a recent event, some drivers were struggling with their 4WD buggies and noticed their 2WD buggies were turning faster laps. Although the drivers were unable to find favorable results, it caused IFMAR to step in and make a rule. There are also some rules dictating wheel offset and wing dimensions and if you’ve seen the lengths drivers are going to with front and rear wings, this should come as no surprise.

To read the .pdf IFMAR document, click this link, and you’ll find the changes in red. You can also click this link to go direct to IFMAR’s web site.

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Updated: October 18, 2016 — 11:40 AM


  1. the rule involving the 4wd/2wd setups, makes sense. If your car is 2wd race it there, if it’s a 4wd there needs to be power to all 4 wheels. But what i want to know, is this. The FWD part, means FWD cars are allowed, to compete on the same level as RWD? I know ROAR outlawed FWD’s, a while back. Will they have to allow them to compete now? That could allow for more progression, in the 2WD class. Long time coming, in my opinion

  2. Establish a 1/8 electric off-road worlds

  3. Time to establish a electric 1/8 off-road worlds

    1. There is in ROAR’s guidlines, I assume there is rules in IFMAR’s rulebook, as well. just not enough interest (at the moment), to necessitate posting them.

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