IFMAR ’93 Worlds: When Dirt Was Dirt [VIDEO]

IFMAR ’93 Worlds: When Dirt Was Dirt [VIDEO]

This video is straight up RC gold, with a full hour devoted to the classic ’93 Worlds that saw Brian Kinwald take his first World Champion title against greats including Craig Drescher, Masami Hirosaka, Joel Johnson, Matt Francis, and Mark Pavidis. What really stands out is the track itself: it’s dirt, as in soil, not brown concrete, with actual bumps and ruts and a changing surface—you know, real off-road stuff. Today’s pros would likely refuse to race on the ’93 track.

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Updated: April 13, 2015 — 8:46 AM


  1. I wish the tracks were still rough and that dirt was dirt. That’s what off-road means. where have the spike tires gone? G

  2. I can’t help think that today’s “off road” tracks aren’t off-road. A tell tail sign is the tires being used often don’t have any spikes, knobbys, etc. Bring back the dirt in Off Road!

  3. I competed in the ’93 Worlds. It was an awesome track and something I will always remember!

  4. Wolfee,
    I also started racing in the 80’s………and was coming here to post the EXACT same message. Well said and I agree.

  5. ” Today’s pros would likely refuse to race on the ’93 track.”.
    Which would really make them not pros at all. I’ve been rc racing since mid ’80s and have seen so many changes. Some good, some not so good. Really wish our governing boards would figure out that ‘easier’ is better for our “HOBBY”. its too hard to get newcomers into rc when it is so overwhelming to get started now. Groomed dirt tracks, (almost concrete), and tires you can only get one good run out of doesn’t help our sport/hobby.

    1. 100% agree. Plus Pro-Line is focusing almost solely on the clay/hard pack racer with their tire line, leaving the club racer with a less than ‘perfect’ track with not a lot of options.

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