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Whether you are maintaining your vehicle or putting one together, having high quality tools make these tasks much easier. There are so many different brands of tools on the market that someone can get lost trying to choose which to buy. Today we are looking at Hudy’s lineup of tools; let’s have a look and see what they have to offer.



Our tools came in the new Exclusive Edition Tool Bag. It’s a high quality bag that is durable and can hold up to 30 individual tools. It’s stylish looking and will definitely set you apart from the crowd. Our bag is custom adorned with Car Action on the front of the case.



Hudy offers its tools individually as well in sets. You can pick out the exact tools you need or you can go with a basic set of tools. In our tool set, we have a wide variety of tools since we work on so many different types of projects here at RC Car Action.



Taking a closer look at the tools you can see that they have a high grip aluminum handle that is diamond patterned so you won’t slip while using the tools. They say Hudy on one side and on the other side Hudy engraved RC Car Action in a very professional looking script-style font.




The shafts of the tools are Hudy’s trademark Spring Steel. It’s a type of steel that Hudy makes to provide long life and maintain its shape even under the most severe abuse. Some of the tools we choose for our kit included the ball end tip. This allows you to use the tool at an angle with no lose of grip. All the shafts are removable, should you do happen to break one or wear one out, and a set screw holds them in so you can tighten them back down. In the two week period that I have been using these tools, none of the set screws came lose, and none of the tips broke or show any sign of wear. I have been using them everyday at work, and bring them home to work on projects. They get a lot of use, but continue to look and work as good as when they were brand new.



The toolset we ordered came with a basic set of tools, but we choose to add a 17mm wrench, three different sizes of turnbuckle wrenches, a body reamer, glow plug/clutch nut socket wrench and a flywheel/clutch multi-tool. The hinge pin hole reamers and Phillips screwdriver that we choose were of the profiTOOL product line which means they use a lightweight plastic handle, and have they tip size marked on the side. Just like the rest of the tools, they are lightweight and feature removable tips.



One thing I really love about these tools is the way their tip size is marked. As you can see in the picture, there are notches in the top of the tools. Three full notches means that tip is a 3mm tip. The other tip is a 1.5mm tip that you can easily read because of the full notch, and the 2nd small notch. Some tools from Hudy don’t have these at the end, and instead the size is indicated on the side of the tool. Its actually engraved and not just paint, so there will be no wear on the numbers, you will always be able to see what size the tool is.



One problem I have with some tool manufactures is that they make a tool out of solid aluminum or steel. While this might be durable, if you’re wrenching on your vehicle for hours on end the tools seem heavy and your hand will get tired. The Hudy tools have hollow handles made out of aluminum, and the strength is where you need it, in the Steel tip. A single tool is very light and feels balanced in your hand.


All in all I would have to say these tools are some of the best I’ve ever owned. They have high grip handles, removable tips, easy tip identification and are super strong. They are lightweight and work very well. On top of all that you can get them custom engraved, so no more friends “borrowing” your tools. I used these tools on a number of projects over the last couple weeks, and there are no signs of wear. They held together strong and were easy to keep track of thanks to the easily tip identification marks. I would recommend these tools to anyone.—Brandon Wilcox

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Updated: December 7, 2010 — 7:04 PM
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