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HPI Savage Flux Video–“The Movie!”

HPI Savage Flux Video–“The Movie!”

Check out this awesome video created by an HPI fan–it’s edited to look like a movie, and he does quite a job showing off the Savage Flux’s performance capabilities.

If watching this video doesn’t make you want to go outside and bash with a monster truck, we suggest checking your pulse!

Click below & enjoy!


Updated: July 20, 2015 — 3:59 PM
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  1. Cool! I like it when people produce videos like this. I also enjoy the stories that some people post in the forums, about their builds. Good job people!!

  2. Makes me want a Flux .I know HPI makes some tough trucks but I wonder how many , if any parts they broke making this video .

  3. I have known about this movie for almost 7 months now. And i watch it almost every 6 days because it is sooooo f******g good!

  4. Yes Bill buy a Flux! I have one and it is so POWERFUL! Maybe one will come up on RCCA’s auction that you like to big on alot.

  5. thats supposed to say bid not big oops

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