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HPI RTR Blitz now with Art Series ATTK-10 Body


New from HPI


HPI BLITZ Short-Course trucks are now available with ATTK-10 bodies splashed with “Art Series” paint and graphics. Edgy artwork that gives the BLITZ the “2K10” look. There’s a sinister black/gray version, and a crisp black/white version as well, check the end panel of the new Art Series box to see which is inside.

Under the Art Series body lurks the popular BLITZ chassis. Pre-built, ready-to-run goodness that has taken the Short-Course truck segment to new heights. The hot truck for the hottest segment in RC. Shake up your track with a new Art Series BLITZ.

#103742 RTR BLITZ WITH ATTK-10 BODY $349.00

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Updated: January 6, 2011 — 8:00 PM
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