TRX-4 with Traxx - Tire/wheel Promo
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  1. Heard it is based off the Vorza and gonna be around $650.

  2. Apache! jump on it jump on it whooo

    sorry just had to do it nice buggy too bad its gonna be expensive

  3. yea is an awesome looking buggy want one but hpi’s expensive tags keep me from owning many of them. axials will be about half the cost will have to see how nice my wife is to me to see which i end up getting

  4. it better not be 650 because it will push alot people over to axial

  5. this is definetly going to beat the heck out of the axial exo buggy but even thou its 1/8 i think its pritty sick and its rtr i dont know what can get eny beater

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