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HPI 1/8 Gasoline Powered Monster Truck Teaser

HPI 1/8 Gasoline Powered Monster Truck Teaser

Last week HPI released this teaser of a new 1/8 vehicle that will run on gasoline instead of the traditional RC nitro fuel. Previously you only saw this technology used in their 1/5 line of Baja vehicles.

Electric is huge right now thanks to LiPo batteries, brushless motors, short course trucks, and new race platforms from companies like TLR, etc. For nitro to take the lead again something new has to be released to get people’s attention. So could a gas powered 1/8 truck from HPI do the trick? What are your thoughts?

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Updated: July 20, 2015 — 3:59 PM


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  1. zenoha has a 20 cc engine

  2. This would be fun, especially if they sold some sort of aluminum nitrous mini bottles/tanks for these Losi/HPI/Associated race trucks. All in all, I believe the change to 91 or higher octane would be right, if it means a more competitive boost in power/reliability/strengh//durability/ & last leafiness or lightness of the whole concept of the transition.

  3. I don’t have much experience with gas at all. But Nitro and Electric experience, I’m anxious to read about everyones real experience. I guess with everything said we would have to wait and see.

  4. Of course you could send the motor to OBR and have it modified when they get finish with it it will be putting out all kinds of torque and horsepower.

  5. You are right Mark it is just my opinion I hope they prove me wrong and produce a high output smallblock gas engine , that will give people another option. But I will believe it when I see it.

  6. i am curious to what the engine will be and look like will it be a bi-fuel companacci 12cc engine ??? we know it wont be a fuelie 23 or 26 cc in an 1/8 scale truck

  7. I don’t think the performance should be judged until its out and driven first hand. Guessing it will be underpowered is an opinion, not yet a fact.

  8. I believe it is a step backwards. HPI needs to be developing a more durable 4 wheel drive 1/5 scale baja that can deal with the more powerful gas motors being produced. Like the inline twins, 62cc and 50cc big blocks etc. A 1/8 scale gas motor is going to be under poweredand I suspect wqill not perform as well as a nitro engine the same size.

  9. I want to also comment about Barry’s concern on cost… A gas powered Baja style engine can be easily obtained in the $150 range thanks to the wide market of options. That’s also a typical nitro price. HPI is not known for building the expensive engines. I’m picturing a middle of the road engine that every other maker will outdo at some point. But if HPI takes the market on this one, it may be a long while to find a good upgrade. But the potential to spend a fortune is there but in the mean time, HPI will have that one and only engine. And to rebuild it will require genuine HPI parts. But at least it has the potential to last a little longer than a typical nitro engine. I’m not excited to buy a whole new truck just to run gas but I would be highly intrigued to upgrade a few of my nitros.

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  11. Just to answer someone’s question about the power of gas over nitro… I don’t have specifics but I do know that gas will be comparable. It has a higher BTU rating than alcohol although I’m not sure how much more BTU’s are added to alcohol when nitro is added to the mix. But it has plenty of potential. However, gas engines have always been an issue because you can’t just throw in a glow plug and get the same results. You need a source of spark which requires bulky electronics that most R/C’s don’t have room for. This is why they are so well suited for 1/5th scale; plenty of room. But I am truly exited and when I see how this engine works in this “1/8th” scale, I will be happy to work a conversion onto one of my nitros that have the room for it. I also like the fact that a real kill switch can be wired in for added safety. Nitros stay running even with the best of fail safes.

  12. I see it as a major step forward, but only as long as the price isn’t prohibitive. Case in point the small displacement 4-stroke gas engines for airplanes that cost many times what the same engine in nitro costs, and usually as much as a high-end large displacement gas 2-stroke. They are well out of the reach of the average modeler. Admittedly you do make up the difference in fuel savings, but only if you can afford the initial outlay for the engine.

    I’d like to see cost for the truck before I make any firm decisions.

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  14. hmmmmmm let me guess another version of a savage……

  15. I think this is great news. Shut up about the money. They all costs. RC is expensive in itself. I am stoked about this. Come on wit HPI. I own 3 bajas now & I would love to hv a smaller version. Awesome…I’m so excited!

  16. It will be an awesome machine if my prediction of this new mysterious model is something similar to a Savage XL with a petrol engine.

    I have no experience with nitro or petrol, but I’ve been told that petrol engines is much less maintenance than nitro engines. Is that true?

  17. lipo and brushless is huge because the performance matched or exceeded nitro with none of the headaches (plus you can run indoors)…add the benefits of longer run times, no memory issues and overall bang for the buck..especially on RTR vehicles…Also, ease of maintenance with an electric vehicle…Any new nitro or gas powered technology will have to answer all of the above before it can compete…..

  18. It looks like it has a nitro motor in the bed of the truck .

  19. there is no teaser vid yet…
    they just gave us a picture.

  20. OMG yes this is going to be cool !!!!!!!!!!!

    But wheres the teaser vid????

  21. This is the change that nitro needs. The cost will be less for sure, but will it out weight the cost for the truck. Plus you still might need 2 stroke oil, another cost. Not much, but still. This is no doubt an exciting advancement in the hobby. Your right Trevor, lipo was “the” change up for electric. This may in fact be the turn around for nitro. Will it replace it? Only time will tell. Besides with this new idiea for a powerplant, will it have the same performance as nitro? 🙂

    1. Nah, gasoline powered engine will never beat nitro powered !

      1. how is it to be honest i owned a nitro and a gasoline the gasoline owns

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