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HOW TO: Transmitter Steering Setup

HOW TO: Transmitter Steering Setup

Because you’re probably doing it wrong.

Whether your radio is a pro pistol or an econo model, the steering system is its most adjusted feature. Basic radios only offer steering trim and servo-reversing, but many RTR radios also include dual-rate steering, and popular sport-level computer radios offer adjustable endpoints, exponential and subtrims in addition to steering dual-rate, all of which are often misunderstood by many users regardless of skill level. In this quick how-to we’ll decode steering terminology and get your radio system dialed in for dynamite direction control.



Updated: August 2, 2015 — 12:59 PM
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  1. Great job, Aaron, and really clear illustrations and graphics. You’ve cleared up a lot of misconceptions, especially around the dual rate/exponential quagmire. All best, “Old Racer”

  2. Im a little confused as to why you wouldn’t adjust trim first and then sub trim. Surely trim makes bigger chnages and then sub trim to fine tune?

    1. Jay,
      As a general rule you would use subtrim first in order to zero out the car. Since it’s in a submenu and not readily available while you’re driving you would use trim second to make adjustments as you go. Ideally all radios use the same increment between subtrim and regular trim.

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