How To: Slash 4×4 Low-CG Conversion

How To: Slash 4×4 Low-CG Conversion

Words by Devon Stewart

Low center of gravity, high-performance handling

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Low center of gravity = tougher to top over.  That about sums it up, and that’s why a low center of gravity (CG for short) is essential to anything and anyone that doesn’t want to tip over.  That goes for linebackers, ocean liners, hockey players, and of course, cars-full size, radio control, racing, or passenger.  But if a low CG is so important to four-wheeled performance, why don’t we talk much here in the pages of RCCA about lowering a car’s CG? Simple: CG is not adjustable, and most cars are already designed to have the lowest possible CG.  One exception is the Traxxas Slash 4 X 4, which in stock form offers high ground clearance for all-terrain running but can be configured for a dramatically lower CG with the installation of Traxxas’ Low-CG conversion kit (#7421).  Along with the steps required to install the kit, we’ll examine how lowering your truck’s CG transforms its handling dynamics.

Installing The Low-CG Kit

Low Center Gravity_005cc

Thanks to the Slash 4X4’s modular design, installing the chassis kit isn’t much more difficult than unbolting the front and rear suspension assemblies and plugging them into the new chassis. Here are the details, and a few tips on the finer points of the build-up.

Low Center Gravity_006cc

TIP: Snapping the conversion parts together makes it easy to visualize ow the kit is installed. An exploded view of the kit is supplied. You can also download exploded views of the Traxxas Slash 4X4 Ultimate at – it’s factory-equipped with the Low-CG chassis.

 1. Remove the radio gear from your Slash 4X4. Using the kit’s included exploded view as a guide, install the radio gear on the LCG chassis.  Also, install the batter mount and nerf bars.

Low Center Gravity_007cc


2. Disconnect the steering linkage.  Remove the linkage at the bellcrank, not servo.

Low Center Gravity_009cc


3. Disconnect the front and rear suspension modules.  Two upper and two lower screws secure the rear module, as shown.  The front model’s four screws are all topside.  Remove them, tug gently, and the chassis is now suspension-free.  Note: the driveshaft and slipper clutch may fall out too-that’s OK, see the next step.

Low Center Gravity_010cc


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