How To Make Track Snacks [Taco Pockets]

How To Make Track Snacks [Taco Pockets]

Snacking With Drew: Taco Pockets

How are you supposed to afford your next upgrade or vehicle when you keep spending your hard-earned money on restaurants, take-out and fast food at the track? When race day arrives you can end up spending a great part of the day at the track and inevitably you are going to get hungry.  Well I am here to share with you an easy recipe to feed your appetite and keep you energized for the big race. Taco Pockets are a simple recipe that is both inexpensive and delicious and it also does not require exact measurements so you cannot mess this up. With a simple recipe that requires minimal time to make and minimal cooking experience no RC fan should be limited to making toast and sandwiches or eating M&Ms for lunch when we are a group that prides itself on building things and following directions. Here’s the best part of this recipe you can easily swap out the beef taco filling for just about anything you want. Ohhhh just think of all the options!


The Dish

Taco Pockets is a recipe that only has a few basic steps. A golden biscuit shell covered in baked cheddar cheese hides a delicious filling of seasoned beef, onions and tomatoes. My fiancé is from the south and when we made these together for the first time she exclaimed, “I think we just discovered redneck empanadas!” Well I like to just call them Taco Pockets but you can call them anything you want considering you can stuff the biscuit shell with just about anything. This recipe can be altered in all sorts of ways that surely will bring about delicious returns. But for now let us cook up some Taco Pockets because once you understand the basic steps of this recipe you will see how you can get creative with it.


Go Shopping

What you will need to get started is a grocery store that sells delicious ingredients. To make the filling you will need half a pound of beef, one yellow onion, one heirloom tomato, shredded cheddar cheese and one package of taco seasoning. To make the biscuit shell you will need one package of a Pillsbury type biscuit in a can and the same package of shredded cheddar cheese you used in the filling.


Cooking up the filling

1.-The first thing you will need to do is chop and dice up your onion and tomato into very small pieces. Once you are done dicing set aside your chopped ingredients.

2.-In a skillet you will need to brown the half pound of beef setting your stove top to medium high heat. While the beef is browning be sure to use a spatula to break it up into small pieces constantly stirring and moving the beef around so you assure the beef is thoroughly cooked.


3.-Next you will want to remove the excess fat and oil by straining the beef. Once the fat is removed you will add an 1/8th of a cup of water to the beef and sprinkle the taco seasoning onto the beef.


4.-Stir the beef, chopped onion, water and seasoning while cooking at medium-high heat until all the water and seasoning are saturated into the beef and onion.

5.-Once the beef filling is cooked place it into a bowl and set aside.


The shell and final bake

1.-First you must pre-heat your oven according to the directions on the biscuit package.

2.-Remove the biscuit dough from its can and separate the individual biscuits.

3.-Take a biscuit dough and place it on a flat surface or cutting board. Lightly using your fingertips slowly stretch and work the dough into a large flat disc about six inches in diameter.


4.-Using a spoon take 2-3 good-sized spoonfuls of beef filling and place it in the middle slightly to one side of the biscuit leaving about an inch of dough along the edges.


5.-Add a few pinches of cheddar cheese and tomato sprinkled on top of the beef.

6.-Taking great care not to rip the dough and slowly fold one side of the biscuit over the filling until it touches the other side of the biscuit. Using your fingertips pinch the two sides of the biscuit together until they seal around the filling.


7.-Place the pockets on a baking sheet.

8- Put the baking sheet in the oven and set a timer for eight minutes or until the biscuit shells are golden brown.

9- Pull out the pockets and sprinkle some cheddar cheese on top of each pocket and put the pockets back in the oven for 2-3 more minutes until cheese is melted.


10.-Remove, cool and eat!



 Wrap it Up

The best part about Taco Pockets is that they are great hot out of the oven, reheated the next day or even cold out of the fridge. If you do decide to take them along with you to the track there are a couple ways you can bring them. If you’re looking to bring them to the track warm try wrapping them in foil and using a thermal lunch bag. To reheat at a track that might not come equipped with a microwave is an easy equation of having a suitable heating device in your toolbox. Sure you could wave a few passes of your heat gun over your Taco Pockets but you might consider another option by using our handy little invention the Nitro Hot Plate…


Optional Fillings

Other optional fillings you can consider instead of beef are:

-Diced Ham & Cheddar Cheese

-BBQ Pulled Pork & Jack Cheese

-Shredded Steak-Ums & American Cheese

-Garlic Mashed Potatoes

-Apple Pie Filling, Cinnamon & Sugar

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