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How To: Keep Your Brushless Motor Cool

How To: Keep Your Brushless Motor Cool

Heat is the enemy

Here’s a fact: a cool motor is a happy motor (unless it isn’t being run). With the efficiency of brushless motors and higher LiPo battery capacities, run times in the 20-minute range aren’t uncommon. But during extended runs, heat build-up can affect your motor’s performance, or at worst, cause total system failure. And even in short five-minute runs, things can get plenty hot under the stress of race speeds. Here are some ways to keep heat away from your motor and let your electronics run their best.


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Updated: July 22, 2015 — 5:23 PM
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  1. I have a question is a 4800kv on 3s faster than a 7200kv on 2s ?

    1. Jean, all else being equal, no. Kv is a measure of RPMs per volt. A 2S LiPo produces 7.4v while a 3S LiPo produces 11.1, or 3.7v per cell. Both of your mentioned setups will theoretically spin the motor at 53,280 RPMs (4800 x 11.1; 7200 x 7.4).

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