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Traxxas 4-TEC 2.0 Ford GT: HOT!

Traxxas 4-TEC 2.0 Ford GT: HOT!

The 4-Tec is back! Well, the name is, anyway. Traxxas’ new RTR tourer (now dubbed 4-Tec 2.0) is a thoroughly modern street machine. Along with gaining a shaft-drive system, the car is all-new from bumper to bumper and loaded with clever touches. Titan 12T 550 in the lightweight platform makes this a 30+mph car, but it’s all about that Ford GT body. The three-piece design is ultra-detailed. Traxxas worked so hard to get it right, they even came up with super-low rear camber links so the body’s aero-tunnel side pods would clear properly. Lots more photos below, CLICK HERE for all the deets at 83056-6-Details-0001 83056-6-Details-0002 83056-6-Details-0004 83056-6-FordGT-0006

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Updated: December 3, 2017 — 1:33 AM


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  1. Is it possible to add head lights to the 4-tech?

  2. I don’t know. It is nice looking, but it seems less of a racer than the old 4tec. I mean, fake disk brakes? And shaft drive? Been out of the loop for years, but shaft used to be a power suck. I suppose maybe less maintenance than belt, maybe.
    Guess I like my old .15 powered 4tec better!

  3. Diffs look similar to the revo, hope they are equally tough. If the wheelbase matches up, this could be a good chassis for a Stampede 4X4 to rustler 4×4 conversion

  4. Like the toys

  5. I’m a proud 4-tec owner with the old platform. This new car looks good but in my opinion classic 4-tec has been 3.3 a beast in the 1:10 body. What I would love to see is a car this beautiful competing with the X-01 size and performance now you have an audience and a thirsty gene pool. The new ford gt is iconic and history proven can’t mistake it anywhere. True 4-tec owner will find a way to fit a 3.3. 30mph if it weren’t for the body not even a second look. I hope this is not the death of the iconic 4-tec.

    1. Most people I know run mamba monster in 4 tec not 3.3

  6. AWESOME job TRAXXAS!!! Needs to BRUSHLESS though. That would Truly live up to the Gt name!

  7. How is it RTR with no charger?

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