Extreme output, easy to control

The ESC has power, yet smooth and linear throttle response. This balance of power and control allows drivers to drive their vehicles at the limit comfortably.

Optimized hardware, increases in stability and reliability

Based on the MAX8 G2 ESC, the brand new G2S ESC is equipped with optimized hardware design application such as intelligent freewheeling technology. The stability and reliability of the ESC has been further improved.

optimized hardware design

intelligent freewheeling technology

Built-in Bluetooth, directly connected to the mobile APP

The ESC has a built-in Bluetooth module. It allows you to connect to the mobile APP directly without plugging any device. It is simple and convenient to perform parameter settings, data reading, firmware upgrades other operations.

Note: The data includes throttle amount, voltage, current, temperature, speed, etc.

Built-in data logging function, ease of obtaining power operating status

The ESC has a built in data rcoerding module. Store up to 10 minutes of your most recent run. Using the HW Link V2 App, you can view the data saved to the ESC. In addition, the module allows you to view Real Time Data from the ESC for bench top testing and viewing of the data outputs.

Note: Due to transmission distance of bluetooth, the effective distance is only about 5m!

Fan intelligent start and stop function

The ESC fan does not run when the ESC temperature is low.The fan automatically turns on when the ESC temperature reaches the preset value. The intelligent start and stop function of the fan not only reduces noise, saves power, but also ensures that the ESC works in a good temperature range.

Efficient cooling system

A frameless fan with patented technology is used. The large flow of air from the side of the fan effectively blows the heat away from the integrated housing radiator to ensure that the ESC is always in the optimal operating temperature.

High level of protection

excellent waterproof and dust-proof performance IP67

cope with harsh environments, various climate conditions all-weather operation capabilities

1/8th power system turbo timing technology

Turbo timing that is adjustable up to 32 degrees. Using turbo allows motor RPM to be increased through advanced ESC electronic timing.

Capacitor overheating protection

The Capacitor protection prevents damage to the power caps from overheating from overloads or extreme conditions. This protects the ESC from damage.

A maximum output current of up to 15A

The output voltage can be switched in three levels of 6V/7.4V/8.4V

The built in super BEC allows builders to use high power, high voltage servos.

Waterproof Sensor Harness

The proven Hobbywing waterproof sensor harness provides an element proof solution for sensor based systems. Using a Hobbywing Adaptor (optional) normal/standard sensor motors can be used as well.

Note: Supports normal adaptor sensored motors, it requires an additional adapter wires for other motors.


Scale: 1/8th
Brushed/Brushless: BL
Sensored/Sensorless: SD
Waterproof: Yes
Cont./Peak Current: 160A/1050A
Input Voltage: 3-6S Lipo
BEC Output: 6V / 7.4V / 8.4V adjustable, continuous current 6A (Switch-mode)
Input Wires: Black-10AWG-150mm*1 Red-10AWG-150mmX1
Output Wires: NO
Input Connectors: XT90
Output Connectors: 6.5 Bullet Connectors (Female)
SET Button on ESC: Not Supported
LED Program Box: Not Supported
LCD G2 Program Box: Not Supported
LCD PRO: Not Supported
OTA Programmer: Not Supported
Program Port: Not Supported
Fan Size: 30x30x10mm
Fan Voltage Range: 6V/7.4V/8.4V
Fan Powered by: BEC
Data Recording Extreme value: Supported
Data Recording Real-time Data: Supported
Data Recording Historical data (Graph): Supported
Firmware Upgrade: Supported
Size & Weight: 60*48*40.5mm40.5mm | 192g(w/Wires)
Motors: Sensored brushless motors / Sensorless brushless motors
Vehicles: 1/8th On-road, Short course truck, Monster truck
KV Rating/T Count: With 4S Lipo: KV≤3000 | with 6S Lipo: KV≤2400 4278 size motor

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