Hobby People announces Activator-EZ “one touch” LiPo/NiMH charger

Hobby People announces Activator-EZ “one touch” LiPo/NiMH charger


There are lots of easy-to-use charger options available, but they’re usually for NiMH OR LiPo packs–not both. Hobby People’s new Activator EZ works with both cell types, and a single button is all it needs to do the job. You press the button to select NiMH or LiPo, then hold the button down to begin charging. That’s it. The NiMH or LiPo LED will glow red to show charging is in progress and confirm which charging method is in use. When the charger chimes and the LED turns green, the pack is charged. It’s easier than tying your shoes. The Activator-EZ can charge up to 6S LiPos with full balancing capability, and is AC/Dc so you can use it anywhere. And it’s just $50!

Here’s the official word from Hobby People: 

This is a Hobby People Activator EZ LiPo Battery Charger. The Activator EZ charges 2S to 6S LiPo and 1 to 15 cell NiMH battery packs with just the press of a button. Everything is automatic, so there’s no complicated guesswork. You get a safe, high-quality charge every time. This fully automatic charger detects battery size and capacity and sets the charge rate to the optimum safe charge setting, every time. Use it anywhere because it works both with AC 110V and DC 12V Input.

Features and Specifications:

• Automatic Detection of Battery Cell Count and Capacity

• Automatically Sets Charge Output

• Integrated Cell Voltage Balancer for LiPo Batteries

• Highly Accurate LiPo Balance Charging +/- .01V

• High-Power, High-Performance Charge Circuit

• XH-Style LiPo Balance Ports

• Power Input: DC 11 to 18V / AC 100 to 240V

• LiPo Charge Rate: Up to 5.0 Amps (50 Watts Max)

• NiMH Charge Rate: Up to 5.0 Amps (50 Watts Max)

• Power Output: 50 Watts

• Charge Rate: Up to 1.5C

• Battery Type: LiPo 2S to 6S (Series) / NiMH 1 to 15 Cells

• Includes Output Power Adapter for T-Connector – Other Adapters Available Separately



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Updated: July 20, 2015 — 3:34 PM
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