Hitec Lynx 4S Review

Hitec Lynx 4S Review

You’ll find our full review of the Hitec Lynx 4S in the next issue of RC Car Action, but we’ll go ahead and spoil the ending for you: this is an extremely nice radio system. All you have to do is take it out of the box to realize it’s something special. The 4S has the feel and heft (though it’s not heavy) expected of a competition transmitter, and all the features too. Switch it on, and you’ll find yourself easily navigating menus and setting before you even crack open the manual. First impressions all register strongly in the green, but you won’t find a lot of green in the price tag: at $275 with a 2-channel Axion receiver, the Lynx 4S is closer to sport-radio pricing than pro systems.


Hitec Lynx 4S drop

The radio comes arrives with the wheel mounted “high,” and a drop-down wheel adapter is included. The extension can be rotated to any position you like.


Hitec Lynx 4S receivers

The Lynx 4S is available with a 2-channel or 4-channel Axion receiver. Or, you can get it with the Proton 4 receiver and activate telemetry. The Proton receiver includes built-in GPS so you can measure your car’s speed with the superior accuracy of the same tech that’s in your smartphone or full-size car’s nav system.


Hitec Lynx 4S 10

Menu navigation is done with the clickable jog-roller on the right of the screen. The “ESC” key functions as a back button. There are two of them so that when you convert the Lynx 4S to left-hand mode (no extra parts are required), you’ll have an ESC key in the correct orientation. The LCD display  also flips for left-hand use.


Hitec Lynx 4S 4

The case design makes it easy to hold the transmitter “game style” when changing settings.


Hitec Lynx 4S 6

A hatch reveals the PC link port and headphone jack. There’s also a Micro SD port hidden in the battery compartment that allows you to load voice alerts and music files into the transmitter (WAV format is supported). Hitec even includes a music player screen as part of the software, allowing you to set the volume and repeat-play options for your music. The transmitter has an internal speaker, as well as a headphone jack. The SD card can also be used to import and export transmitter settings, and the 4S’ firmware can be updated via a PC link using Hitec’s HPP-22 adapter (not included).


Hitec Lynx 4S 7

Despite the chunky look, the Lynx 4S is as light (or lighter) than other pro pistols. The LED accent color can be set to red, blue, green, yellow, magenta, or cyan—pretty trick.


Hitec Lynx 4S 8

As long as you “speak radio,” you’ll have no problem navigating the menus.


Hitec Lynx 4S 9

Some of the screens (such as exponential, shown here) include graphics to show servo movement.


– Excellent fit, finish, and feel
– Pro features and quality, sport price
– Telemetry ready
– Easy to navigate and program

– None, unless you don’t like the styling



Item no.                                    16200 (with 2-channel Axion receiver)

Price                                         $275 (varies with dealer)

Channels                                   4

Modulation                                AFHSS

Resolution                                4096

Response time                          4ms (with Axion receiver)

Operation Voltage                     4.8V-8.4V (2-Cell LiPo / 2-Cell LiFe / 4-Cell NiMH / 4-Cell NiMH)

Receiver & dimensions              Axion 2-channel – 32 x 11 x 22.3mm; 140mm antenna

Model Memory                          30

Display                                     Backlit LCD

Telemetry data                          Battery voltage, temperature, speed (RPM and GPS)

Left-hand convertible                 Yes

Drop-down wheel kit                  Included

Weight w/ 4-cell NiMH                1 lb., 4.2 oz. (513g)

Steering wheel diameter             2 in. (51mm)


Features & Adjustments 

Steering wheel tension

Throttle trigger tension

Servo speed (steering, throttle)

Throttle Boost

Throttle mode (50/50, 70/30)

Steering rate

Brake rate

Steering, throttle, and brake exponential

Subtrim (all channels)

Timer (up, down, lap with lap listing)

Mixing (all channels)

ABS Brake

Throttle idle up

Display contrast

Alert mode: tone, vibrate, voice

Alert thresholds

Fail Safe

12-character model name

WAV file compatible for voice alert and music files (via micro SD card)

SD card import/export data

Headphone jack

PC Link firmware update

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Updated: April 3, 2018 — 12:00 PM
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