Traxxas’ NEW SCALER: Your First Look

Traxxas’ NEW SCALER: Your First Look

As spotted at the WEMU RC ScaleShop site in Switzerland, these pics show the prototype scaler that Traxxas is showing (leaking is more like it) at the Nuremberg show.

Land Rover Defender D110 body with lots of molded details, including fender liners. Expect Traxxas to officially license the body if they stick with the Defender.

Ladder chassis with steel rails, centered motor and battery, quick-release strap, nice. Motor is labeled “Titan 21T Reverse Rotation.”


Portal axles! Note how the axles step down to reach the center of the wheels. More ground clearance, and greater gear reduction.


Note three mini-servos on chassis. Two are for locking the front and rear diffs, like Summit. The third is a high-low shifter? Or a center diff? Most likely high-low. XL-5 looks standard, but will probably get different programming–unlikely Traxxas would build a rig this trick and not set up the speed control with a crawler-strength drag brake.


Factory light bar? Optional? We’ll see.


31_85000_PICTURE_36 (2)Nice job so far, Traxxas. Looking forward to official pics and details.

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Updated: December 3, 2017 — 1:28 AM


  1. Still waiting for a scaler with Ackermann steering

  2. Portal axels are more efficient. Looking forward to this rig since Losi doesn’t really have a scale crawler ( unless you count Vaterra Assender ) and I’m not a fan of Axial. I hope the locking diffs work better than the Summit. I am a fan of the Assender and it’s my understanding Vaterra is basically a rebadged Losi.

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  4. If Trasxas is looking for a test pilot…

  5. Lotsa upgrades available in the future, vanquish. STRC. Hot racing. Just remember Currie axles so sweet. My scx10iixj. 4 link suspension 2 speed. Would be awesome! Yup just send me one no problem will test on my private course first the let you know how it handles lol.

    Great job guys looks great.. Just like mine.

  6. Looks like my scx10 xj same color and everything.. When can I get one ..I want to give it the ultimate test drive on my course,lol

    1. That’s a creative answer to a difcufilt question

  7. I want one. Looks well thought out, and very capable…

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  9. Thanks for the add

  10. I will be getting one whenever it comes out

  11. I can’t wait for it to hot the selfs

  12. Wemu is from Switzerland!

    1. Yes its a high low gear shift with third servo.

  13. I’am a major fan of another crawler brand, but I will say no matter what this costs I want it!

  14. Can we have different body style

  15. Love to find out when this is coming out maybe find somewhere to tee it out maybe before I buy

  16. For how long crawling has been around, Traxxas is a bit late on it. I’m just wondering what the price range they are shooting for. Not thrilled with the looks of plastic chassis rails. They better have alot of bracing or they will flex every time the tire lifts. Individual diff locks are cool though.

    1. Chassis rails are steel.

  17. Can’t wait to own one! Great job Traxxas!

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  19. Lets go bring them to us so the axial guys can give them a run am ready nice detail is this a hard body can we see the mounts

    1. To me it looks lexan. I see a body mount on the hood.

  20. Am ready does xl have a serious adjustable drag brake lets get them into us market us axial guys want a shot at them

  21. Look very cool would love to bash one around and test it

  22. Sir howmuch if im going to buy that.

  23. Wow…. another cool addition to Traxxas, and, it will be another cool addition to my 6 Traxxas collection.

    1. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wrgtnii!

  24. I’m so hoping this is commimg

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  26. Looking forward to this.. traxxas always seems to leave it’s mark wherever it goes and this time they are going somewhere they’ve never been before. This will be interesting

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  28. I’m competing in the scale nationals in may. I’d love to run one in class1

    1. Isn’t it a bit big for class one?

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