Greg Graves’ Traxxas Revo

Greg Graves’ Traxxas Revo

Greg found this Traxxas Revo on eBay in need of a little loving care and it was soon restored back to mint condition. He swapped the original 2.5 nitro engine for a more robust TRX3.3 Racing Engine, but the real handiwork here is Greg’s careful construction of the wood paneling he added to the bed of the Pro-Line ’56 Ford F-100 body. Each panel is genuine white oak, cut with a table saw and sanded, shaped, and stained to perfection. As for the paint, Greg says it’s his first attempt at painting an RC body. First body or not, we must say those flames look righteous!

Graves FV


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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 3:50 PM

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  1. i had with my used revo. first off turn the high speed needle in all the way then turn it out 4 complete turns. try it then also make sure the glow plug is good, make sure the low speed needle is turned just barely out from flush with the area its in that needle is super sensetive and i dont usually recommend touching it but you may have to in this situation. also make sure you adjust for elevation differences.
    if it has high idle too it sounds like the fuel mixture is alittle lean which means it wont run,
    I dont know right off the top of my head which way to turn the high speed needle to make it richer, so look in the owners manual.

    Now i know this gets frustrating but just keep adjusting stuff little by little then itll become the truck you want.

    The best way to get the most power is to have it a little lean but not too much cause you can burn up the motor, lean is where the power is. my revo has never done wheelies till i leaned it out but also mines build around speed so it all depends on what you want to do with it.

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