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Gotta Get: Firebrand RC Impaler Tire Tool

Gotta Get: Firebrand RC Impaler Tire Tool

Ever tried mounting or removing a hard plastic drift tire? It’s a real party. Firebrand’s new Impaler tool gets the job done with good ol’ mechanical leverage. Just crank the handle until the tire pops on (if you’re mounting it) or the rim pops out (if you’re removing the tire). Works with rubber tires too. The Impaler looks like a pretty heavy-duty rig in the photos, we’ll have to get one and try it out. It sure looks a lot easier than freezing rims and boiling tires to do the job.

Firebrand RC Impaler tire mounting tool

Firebrand RC Impaler tire mounting tool 3




From Firebrand RC
Quickly mounts or separates used or new on-road wheels and tires. Easily powering through glue, grime and adhesives – you’ll be amazed by it’s efficiency. This simple, hand-cranking press eliminates the need for boiling your wheels and tires – a great addition to any tool-kit. Works best on 2″ diameter (or similar) on-road wheels. Drifters and Racers love ’em.


Updated: September 3, 2015 — 6:10 PM
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