Getting Your Questions Answered by Factory Drivers

Getting Your Questions Answered by Factory Drivers

Team Orion announced the addition of TLR’s Dustin Evans to its team.  Congrats, Dustin!

Dustin Evans is probably a name that you have become quite familiar with lately. Rightfully so as this year he has won the Reedy Race of Champions, EOS 2wd, and Rumble in the Rockies.  He has been one of the top, if not, the top TLR electric driver this year. His hard work has definitely been showing on the track. His pace is up there with the best of them and every time I watch him run, he looks to be getting smoother and faster.

Then it got me thinking of Dustin’s character off the track. If you don’t know Dustin, he is one of the nicest and most approachable drivers out there. For that, I applaud him. It’s always great to see the top pro drivers doing their job on and off the track. I see all kinds of kids walk up to pros at the track nervous and shaking, but it’s always great to see them welcomed and comforted with an autograph or some simple setup advice.

I know there are a few factory drivers out there that seem very intense and intimidating.  This makes them come off a bit unapproachable, but let me tell you this, of all the factory drivers I have met, there isn’t a single one that wouldn’t help you out if you have a question about your car, or just want to meet them.  As most things in life, timing is everything. If said driver just had a bad run and is fuming. It may be best to give him a few minutes to collect himself before you approach them. If you are fortunate enough to have some factory drivers at your local track, club racing is an excellent time to bombard them with questions. Most of them use club racing for practice and testing, so the chances of them being irked from a bad run are much less.

Whether you are a novice racer, or an up and coming expert, remember the factory drivers are a plethora of knowledge when it comes to racing. Have common courtesy but feel free to approach them at the track. That’s what they are there for.

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Updated: July 7, 2011 — 1:45 PM


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  1. Dustin is a standout in the pits as well as on the track. I am pretty much an AE guy, but decided to take on the 22. With b4 on the pit table and a 22 90% built sitting next to it, Dustin came about and walked me through without even asking all of the design features as well as what he and the team were doing to improve on the handling and durability. He also led me in the correct direction as to what battery they (TLR and Orion) actually preferred for what track conditions with the 22 to save and alleviate the burden to my pocket. Congrats on Evans and his year so far and with this guy in RC with TLR/Orion i see a even brighter and more race oriented future for the products and people he represents.

  2. Bill-
    That is an excellent question and a difficult one to take sides on. From a marketing standpoint either can be very valuable assets. Two of the biggest reasons people pick a certain brand in RC is either the fastest driver is on the track is using it or there is the most support for the product. Each steward would be accomplishing the same end result but in two different manners. If i absolutely had to pick side i would go with the latter. To me, R/C is all about having fun. If you break your car and dont have extra parts or dont know how to fix it, the fun ends. You don’t have to be the fastest driver in the world to help out someone in that situation.

  3. If you were a RC company , would you rather sponsor a driver that won most of their races & was not a vary good RC steward or a driver that was not as good , but was an excellent RC steward by going to schools , fairs , car shows , ect. to promote not only your products but RC in general ?

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