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Get Low – Installing the Traxxas Slash 4×4 Low-CG Conversion Kit

Get Low – Installing the Traxxas Slash  4×4 Low-CG Conversion Kit

Traxxas makes a wide range of upgrade parts for the Slash 4×4 short course truck, and one that caught our eye in particular is their Low-CG Conversion Kit, made especially for the Slash 4×4. Lowering the center of gravity of a vehicle can make a huge improvement for stability, handling, and overall weight distribution, which ends up leading to better performance.

The Slash 4×4 Low-CG kit from Traxxas lowers the chassis by an entire inch, which makes a huge impact on the truck’s performance. Follow along as we detail why you’re going to want this upgrade for your Slash 4×4, and how to install it.

Why the Low-CG Kit?

The Traxxas Low-CG (LCG) conversion kit both lowers the overall chassis height by an inch, and also tucks the battery and components down as low as possible, keeping the weight as low as it can go. By lowering the component weight and chassis height an entire inch, the Low-CG kit greatly lowers the center of gravity. A lower center of gravity means the truck will roll less in the turns and that means the wheels will stay planted, improving grip and corner speed.

That added stability and grip gives you an added edge like nothing else can. A lower center of gravity is greatly beneficial for anyone seeking to push their Slash 4×4 to the limits on high-grip surfaces, such as clay tracks and skate parks. It also helps to keep the car stable through jumps and landings.

On top of the added stability, the Low-CG chassis features extra supports and a rigid honeycomb structure on the inside that reduces flex and greatly improves durability, allowing you to bash your Slash 4×4 even more.


The installation process is straightforward and intuitive. Inside the package Traxxas includes a detailed technical diagram showing exactly which portions of the truck will be disassembled and replaced, along with the parts that need to be supplied. All conversion parts are included, so it’s as simple as taking apart your existing Slash 4×4 and installing the kit.

The first step of the process is to remove the front and rear segments from the chassis. Remove the wheels, front bumper, a few screws front and rear, and unbolt the driveshaft. After removing the main screws both segments should easily pull away from the chassis. Be sure to remove the servo arm to ensure no damage is done to the servo.

Once the front and rear segments have been removed you will need to unbolt the lower covers of each, since these will be replaced with their LCG counterparts. Swap the steering rack over to the new front lower panel and install the new servo arm. The servo is completely repositioned on the LCG chassis for optimal weight placement.

Next up is the assembly of the LCG chassis and related components. First part of this process if bolting on the side guards, battery strap assembly, receiver box, and other hard-mounted bits. We are also going to remove the electronics from the original chassis, completely unbolting the motor and ESC, along with removing the receiver from the receiver box. These parts will all easily swap over to the LCG chassis, since Traxxas designed the mounting holes like the original chassis. Install the electronics onto the chassis and the motor onto the LCG motor plate. Once the motor is secure, drop in the spur gear and slipper assembly into place and adjust the motor for proper gear mesh.

At this point the LCG chassis is ready for complete reassembly. Attach the rear segment first, taking care to slot the slipper shaft into the rear gearbox properly. Tighten up the main screws, and the rear is good to go. Once the rear is attached, slide the driveshaft into place and continue installing the front segment. A key part of this step is to take a few minutes to align your servo and steering rack. The included diagram gives a decent illustration of the general angle of the servo horn, so pay close attention to that part of the drawing. By using the diagram and aligning the steering rack ahead of time, I was able to get the servo horn dialed in a matter of minutes. Once that’s done, slip the front segment back into place, making sure the driveshaft slides easily onto the input shaft of the front gearbox. Reinstall the driveshaft pin, tighten the front screws, and you’re done.

Final Word

Having installed many upgrades over the years, it’s very refreshing to come across an upgrade package that is so easy to install and set up. Even for the inexperienced enthusiast, this kit will only take a couple of hours from start to finish, which is impressive for a complete chassis and electronics swap. Overall, the LCG chassis conversion will net us a ton of improvements in stability and performance.

Traxxas Slash 4X4 Low-CG (Low Center of Gravity) Conversion Kit
P/N: 7421
MSRP: $75

Brace for Performance
To further improve the stability of our Slash 4×4, we opted to install the Traxxas HD aluminum chassis brace and a set of HD suspension arms to the truck. These simple additional upgrades will help to reduce overall flex and keep the truck planted on the high grip surfaces we intend to race on. The added bonus of the HD brace and arms is that the truck can take even more abuse, which is good for peace of mind and allows us to send it over jumps with even more confidence than before.

Text and Images by Lauren Short

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