Gens Ace IMARS D300 G-Tech 2-Channel Smart Battery Charger

Gens Ace IMARS D300 G-Tech 2-Channel Smart Battery Charger


Gens Ace has entered into the world of smart batteries and chargers with their latest lineup of G-Tech products. To support this effort, they’ve recently released the new IMARS D300 G-Tech 2-channel smart charger. This 300W smart charger can output an impressive 16A maximum output to a single channel and is even capable of up to 23A when using both channels via the built-in SyncCharge functionality.

The D300 includes several functions, from standard balance charging to storage mode, external discharging, and can even be used as an adjustable digital power supply capable of powering everything from pit lights to portable soldering irons. The D300 G-Tech is compatible with 1S to 6S LiPo, LiHV, Li-Ion, and LiFe batteries, as well as 1- to 16-cell NiMH batteries. The face of the charger features built-in XT60 charge ports along with G-Tech balance ports. The G-Tech balance ports are ideally suited for use with G-Tech batteries but can also be used with standard JST balance plugs on non-G-Tech batteries, though they will lack any of the G-Tech smart functionality when doing so.

The G-Tech system is designed so that you can simply plug in your G-Tech battery and the charger will do the rest, inputting all necessary battery parameters. As for the externals, the IMARS D300 G-Tech features a heavy-duty plastic case with a sleek and compact design and a bright 2.4” IPS LCD display. The charger measures 145mm in length by 76mm wide and stands at about 62mm tall. The D300 features rubber feet on the bottom corners to keep the charger in place when in use. A built-in 45mm cooling fan draws fresh air into the case and keeps components cool thanks to the D300’s high-efficiency cooling design. The charger is compatible with 100 to 240 AC and 7 to 30V DC input power and comes with everything you need to get started.


The IMARS D300 G-Tech charger is so simple to use when paired with G-Tech batteries that it takes all of the manual input and guesswork out of the battery charging equation. Simply plug your G-Tech battery into the charger and let it go; the charger does the rest. Of course, if you want to charge non-G-Tech batteries, it will most certainly do that too. The charger features a full menu of settings and features that allow you to fine-tune the exact charge, discharge, or storage mode specifications as needed.

The compact size of the charger makes it super easy to throw into the toolbox or pit bag, and only requires the small 120V AC cord to go with it. The IPS screen is bright and easily readable, and the menu system is relatively intuitive and easy to navigate. I did find the onboard cooling fan to be somewhat loud at full speed, but it definitely does a good job of keeping the charger nice and cool while in use. As for charging speed, the max power output was enough to easily charge a couple of standard packs which left me perfectly content during downtimes.

I never found myself wanting for more power as the D300 did a great job of handling typical 2S and 3S packs without a problem. The onboard USB port is a nice touch and came in handy for charging my phone and various other devices. I was impressed with the charger’s ability to act as a digital power supply, which makes it an even more versatile addition to the toolbox.

Overall, the D300 ticks all the boxes for a good quality smart battery charger and has the added benefit of the G-Tech ecosystem on its side. Gens Ace has done an excellent job with their step into the world of smart batteries and chargers. If you’re looking to step into that world yourself, I’d highly recommend checking out the Gens Ace IMARS D300 G-Tech charger.

Gens Ace IMARS D300 G-Tech 2-Channel Smart Battery Charger

Gens Ace IMARS D300 G-Tech 2-Channel Smart Battery Charger

Gens Ace IMARS D300 G-Tech 2-Channel Smart Battery Charger

Gens Ace IMARS D300 G-Tech 2-Channel Smart Battery Charger
MSRP: $129.99
P/N: GEA300WD300-UB

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