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Geek Gets Girl Part 2

Geek Gets Girl Part 2

Sometimes being a total RC nerd can pay off. See how a geek picked up a smoking hot bikini babe off of the beach with his FPV truck. Thanks to 951rcguy on YouTube for the vid.

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Updated: October 6, 2011 — 4:53 PM
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  1. Did that Kid just say WTF come on Car Action. I love this video but its a fake. Look at his pool video about 2 months before this one.

    1. It is fake. I think it’s meant to be funny and entertaining, but you’re not really supposed to think it’s real anymore than you’re supposed to think a move like Transformers is real when you watch it.

  2. omg that is awsome!!!! i always wanted to build a rig like that myself to do that same exact thing but i didnt have the technology or the budget to do so…lol but i am truly glad to somebody actually did it and got the hook up!!!!!! it works, it works, it really really worked!!! wow, congrats i bow to you !!!!! all i had was a emaxx a motorola hand held walkie talkie and a 99.99 onboard wide angle lens camera it had color and sound but could only transmit a signal good for 200ft maximum distance. so it wasnt goin to cut it. nice job!!!!

  3. dont get me wrong it did seem like it was set up? but either way if you got game and a fpv talking rc truck you can make it happen?!

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