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For All Team Drivers

For All Team Drivers

It is come to my attention that ROAR is trying to do something which will be very good for the growth and health of our industry and something that has been needed for a long time. When I first started in the RC industry in 1980 we (RC industry) had separate classes for beginner drivers. They called it “PRODUCTION” back in the day. No sponsorship at all. In most of the kit cars you could not even use ball bearings. The thought was “it gave entry level people a place to race who did not have unlimited funds” and allowed a bridge for new customers to transfer over and become long term enthusiasts. This has been sorely missed.

ROAR is trying to do this again and I am very sad to say that they are not receiving the help and support they need to bring this idea to fruition.

I want to go on the record as saying that I support this idea one hundred percent and I will do whatever I can to police these races and make sure our sponsored drivers do not ruin this before it has a chance to become a successful and viable entry level class again.

If you have not heard here are the particulars:

Sportsman Stock classes at any ROAR nationals is off limits to any driver with any amount of compensation whether it be product, travel, lodging, and/or incentive bonus payments of any kind.Entry fee may not be paid by any business entity, regardless of hobby affiliation.Also, any driver who finished in the top 20% of any modified national the year prior is prohibited as well as any previous stock national champion is prohibited for five years in racing another stock class for the championship.So… No No’s:  Sponsorship of any kind, somebody else pays the entry fee, top 20% in mod the year before, stock champion previously.This applies to electric on road carpet, paved and off road electric nationals.Team Epic is supporting this decision one hundred percent. We will share information to ROAR for all our level team drivers with respect to any ROAR entry list for any ROAR event.  Any driver that is sponsored by us will immediately be dropped from our racing program and I truly hope that my fellow manufacturers will follow suit and allow ROAR to provide us with this class which will surely help our long term goals as an industry!

Like any new program, this will have growing pains and will probably limit entries in the beginning. But I am sure in the long run, this is what we all need, a place for everyone to be able to race, compete and have fun.

I ask you all for your commitment to this program and it’s long term well-being!

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Updated: July 20, 2015 — 3:38 PM


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  1. Off topic… Chris, I don’t know where you are, but there’s plenty of racing going on throughout CT, MA, and NY. I’ll post links to places if you’re in this area and interested.
    On topic, while I’m not, nor plan to be, a R.O.A.R member, I like the direction things seem to be going. This proposal sounds like a very much needed plan. Hope it works out for all R.O.A.R members. 🙂

  2. Link to the proposal and rules? On-road, off-road, everything?

    Production class is a good thing to help the hobby grow. it gives newcomers a class to race where they have a chance to win trophies and have fun. More people having fun means more people in the hobby. The main thing is dialing in the specs of the car so it’s fair for everyone and fairly easy to drive. The cars are so darned fast these days that they’re tough for most new drivers to handle. Driving skills and hand-eye coordination haven’t changed in the past 40 years, but the cars have tripled in speed. A little reduction in speed means closer racing, less frustration, and fewer broken parts.

    1. I agree with Ernie 100% I have been into R/C for about 25 years and racing shortly after. Then being a kid it was so defeating to get by adults with unlimited budgets. Then by shop owners or shop helped drivers. I dont race now as the northeast is slim on tracks these days but it seems the super expense of dozens of battery packs may be gone and that helps. Anything that can bring a driver to the track where he feels like he has a chance is great! I would encourage more tracks to do more box stock classes to build the sport.

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