First Look! Racers Edge Pro4 Enduro

First Look! Racers Edge Pro4 Enduro

Unless you’re actually at iHobby and standing in booth 1215, this is the closest look you’re going to get at the Racers Edge Pro4 Enduro! We’ll have a full review in the January issue of RC Car Action, and Racers Edge’s first 4X4 looks like a winner–as these photos attest.


It’s a sharp-looking truck, make no mistake. Nice touches include lanyards on the body clips and separate bolt-on number plates and fins.



Looks good with the body off too. Stand-out features in this shot include the across-the-chassis battery position (battery not included, FYI), front-mounted motor, and centered spur gear. Looks like it should have a lot of steering, based on the components layout.



The top view reveals an aluminum chassis plate and shows how the electronics are tightly grouped toward the chassis’ centerline. This concentration of mass should help the Enduro rotate quickly in turns and handle precisely in transitions from corner to corner.



Nothing to snag or drag here. Note the way the nerf bars are swept back, which helps prevent snagging.



The aluminum wheel hexes are secured by screws so they won’t pull off with the wheels, and they’re red–red is always faster. Note the thickly-molded suspension parts, chunky turnbuckles, and captured rod ends–this should be a tough truck.



Rear corner. The Enduro has a deluxe set of dampers–all aluminum, finely threaded, nicely finished. Looks like the rear bumper has built-in light buckets, ready for LEDs. Nice!



The 80amp speed control is waterproof, but the Enduro does not have an enclosed receiver, so stay away from wet conditions. Waterproof is still a welcome bonus though, since any speed control that seals out H2O will definitely seal out dust as well.



Can you guess how many poles and kV this motor offers? The answer is “4” and “4000,” if you didn’t already spot it in the etching. Looks like 32 pitch gears, which we like–they’re tougher to strip.



Out of the box, the Enduro sits “bones level.” The tires feel track-ready with their soft rubber and what looks like a competition-worthy tread pattern.



The rear of the truck is just below bones-level. Mudflaps! A minor detail, but one we like: beefy body mounts. Wet-noodle body posts are a drag, we’re glad the Enduro has truck-worthy parts.



Long and low. This should be a fast truck.


Comin’ at ya…


Leaving you in the dust…




The included transmitter is a 2.4GHz unit (is anyone using AM anymore?) with an internal antenna (do like) and controls for steering and throttle trim, steering dual rate, and servo reversing stashed under a flip-up lid.

So far, so good–can’t wait to drive it!

Info from Racers Edge:


  • 4 pole 4000KV brushless motor
  • Waterproof 80amp brushless ESC
  • Fully tunable suspension system featuring aluminum threaded, oil filled rebuildable shocks
  • Front/center/rear fluid filled metal gear differentials
  • Aluminum 6061 chassis
  • 2.4ghz transmitter with 3 channel receiver
  • Large ultra-durable universal body posts
  • Steel adjustable turn buckles
  • Full ball bearing set
  • Accepts 6 cell NiMh/2 or 3 cell LiPo batteries (no saddle packs required)
  • Removable electronics tray for easy cleaning
  • Optional vent holes throughout body


  • Length – 21 1/4″
  • Width – 11 5/8″
  • Height – 7″
  • Wheelbase – 13″
  • Tread – Pins
  • Tire – Medium/Soft Surface
  • Weight – 4.825 lbs (less battery)

List price: $399

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Updated: October 3, 2013 — 6:20 PM
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