First Look: Graupner X-8N HoTT

First Look: Graupner X-8N HoTT

Graupner packs a lot of features into their new 4-channel X-8N pistol, including telemetry capability, expandable memory via SD card, a LiPo battery, and left-hand adaptability. There are even channel mixes for boats, tracked vehicles, and crawlers, making the X-8N an extremely versatile transmitter. Here’s our out-of-the-box impression of the radio–stay tuned for a full review in RC Car Action.

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Yep, it comes in a box.



Inside, you’ll find the usual styrofoam packaging, along with the receiver, micro SD card and adapter, firmware update board with USB adapter, voltage and temperature sensor, and charger. You also get a LiPo pack, which is installed in the transmitter for you.



The X-8N is a good looking pistol, and features a blue backlit display with adjustable contrast. Navigation is intuitive after one pass through the manual for all the most-used functions, but you’ll want to keep the instructions handy for telemetry, channel mixing, idle-up, etc.



The drop-down wheel can be pivoted forward and back to suit your preference for wheel position. Just pop off the side plate, loosen a screw, and set the wheel where you like. There are seven positions to choose from–centered, plus three to move the wheel closer to you, and three to swing it away.



That’s not a charge jack on the front of the X-8N, it’s the earphone plug. In addition to the usual beeps and tones, the X-8N can literally talk to you with a voice, and you can even load your own voice files (note, the voice only plays through headphones). And that panel is actually a cover…



…Which reveals the micro SD  and data ports, as well as the charge jack.



The steering wheel measures 52mm in diameter, which falls within the average size for most Tx wheels, and has a smooth feel with good tension–but if you prefer more or less, you can adjust it via a sprint-tension screw. The drop-down extension feels solid, as does the entire transmitter. The grip feels a little on the thick side, but well within “normal transmitter size.” The grip is textured plastic, there are no rubber inserts. What looks like two knobs above the wheel are actually a dial (labeled DL) and a push-on/push-off button (PS1), which are assignable.



Three grip buttons are tucked behind the trigger, and are assignable to functions as you prefer.



The X-8N is very easy to convert to for left-hand use; moving the wheel the the opposite side of the radio only requires you to pop off two covers remove a screw, and plug the wheel module into the other side of the radio. A new cover plate and left-side grip switches are supplied to complete the southpaw conversion.



A  4000mAh LiPo pack trims weight, and the X-8N tips the scales at a svelte 8.25 oz (518g). In case you’re wondering (I was), an AA alkaline battery is good for about 2000mAh max, so the included LiPo should last a long time between charges.



And here’s the receiver. It’s a 4-channel micro-sized unit with a fifth slot for the temperature/voltage telemetry sensor. The X-8N is an FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) system and HoTT stands for Hopping Telemetry Transmission.


And now for some “not included” stuff I’ll be testing with the X-8N…


Graupner’s Bluetooth module allows the X-8N to talk to your Android-based phone or tablet and view telemetry data when running the Graupner HoTT Meter Viewer app.



The module simply plugs into the front of the transmitter via the data port.



GM Racing’s Genius Pro 120R speed control and HGM SLP brushless servo are both telemetry-enabled.  The speed control relays check voltage, current, temperature, and motor RPM info. Not sure what I’ll install these guys in yet…


The Genius 120R includes the Pro Turbo programmer for fast setup changes. However, since I’ll be pairing the 120R with the X-8N transmitter, I’ll actually be able to adjust the speed control right from the radio.

That’s it for now, full review in RC Car Action soon.


From Graupner:

Channel 4 Channel
Operating Voltage 3.4 ~ 6V
Battery Alikaline, Nixx 4 cells, LiPo 1cell
Charging Rate About 210 mA
Output Power About 100 mW
Frequency 2.4000 ~ 2.4835 GHz
Modulation FHSS
Temperature Range About -10—+55℃ -50—+130℉
Antenna Dipole Antenna
Display 128 x 64 Graphic LCD
Low Voltage Warning Yes (LED, Buzzer)
High Temperature Warning Yes (LED, Buzzer)
Battery Charging DC Jack
Firmware Update Yes (USB Cable, SD-CARD)
Dimensions approx. 239 x 170.2 x 139.8 mm 9.4 x 6.7 x 5.5 in
Total weight approx. About 530g (Battery Included) 18.69 oz




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Updated: December 8, 2014 — 1:54 AM
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