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Exotek Racing RB6.6 Rear Laydown Bulkhead

Exotek Racing RB6.6 Rear Laydown Bulkhead

From Exotek Racing:


  • 7075 heavy duty 1 piece rear camber mount/bulkhead for the RB6.6 laydown (midship) gear box.
  • All machined alloy threads means repeated secure mounting and no stripped nylon threads that changes camber after big hits.
  • Matches the stock geometry and includes mounting points for the RB6.6 sway bars (use blue thread lock for the M3 screws).
  • At 10gr this bulkhead is actually 1.5gr lighter than the stock nylon bulkhead.
  • Polished and anodized black.

#1719 – $25.95 MSRP
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Updated: January 5, 2017 — 1:51 PM

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