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Exotek B6 & B6D Titanium Bones For Bi-Metal Puck Systems

Exotek B6 & B6D Titanium Bones For Bi-Metal Puck Systems

From Exotek Racing:


  • Titanium lightweight yet heavy duty replacement bones for the B6 and B6D MIP Bi-Metal Puck sets.
  • Half the weight of steel (each bone weighs 2.7gr) and twice the strength of aluminum so that you achieve a lightweight drive line but increase the durability and reduced wear and tear.
  • +1mm length for proper diff end fit without the need of the MIP spacers at the axle means the wheel hexes do not bind up when the wheels are tightened down.
  • Made of polished and laser etched Ti 6-4  titanium.
  • 1 pair of bones per pack.


  • Be sure to use a small amount of blue thread lock for hardware and black grease at pivot points when assembling.
  • MIP Bi-Metal Puck axle sets required and not included.

1693 – $23.95 MSRP
Visit ExotekRacing.com
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Updated: November 10, 2016 — 10:04 AM
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