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Jason Sams New Media Editor
Joe Arthur Video Producer

Watch for daily updates from Jason and Joe live on location at the 2009 National Race Championships. They’ll bring you dynamic daily coverage of all the action, don’t miss it.

The Winners!
1) Atsushi Hara Hot Bodies/O.S./Futaba/Pro-Line Revolver
2) Mike Truhe Losi/GRP/Airtronics Pro-Line Bow-Fighter
3) Renaud Savoya Mugen/Ninja/ Pro-Line

The Final 12
1) Ryan Maifield Associated USA
2) Ryan Cavalieiri Associated USA
3) Mike Truhe Losi USA
4) Jared Tebo O’Donnell USA
5) Taylor James Jammin USA
6) Rober Batlle HoBao Spain
7) Atsushi Hara Hot Bodies Japan
8) Renaud Savoya Mugen France
9) Ty Tessman Hot Bodies Canada XXX Main’s Jeff Eveleigh says, it should be red just like our big brother in the south.
10) Jesse Robbers Hot Bodies USA
11) Travis Amezcua Hot Bodies USA
12) Cody King Kyosho USA

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