The End of An Era: Novak Closing After 38 Years

The End of An Era: Novak Closing After 38 Years

Sad news from one of RC’s most significant and best-known brands. Novak has been integral to the radio control hobby for longer than most of us have actually been participants, and the brand is responsible for many electronics milestones in the RC car scene. Novak was at the forefront when speed control tech transitioned from linkages and resistors to the solid-state electronics we take for granted today, and countless thousands have relied on Novak components for peak RC performance. The brand known for its distinctive orange gear pioneered programmable speed controls, hand-held programmers, telemetry, bushless motors, and many other innovations large and small.

Novak, you will be missed–as a brand, and as good people. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Bob Novak or any of the Novak family, you know what kind and generous folks they are. Everyone at RC Car Action and Air Age Media wishes the Novak family and everyone at Team Novak the very best–and thanks for a lot of great memories.

Here’s the announcement from Team Novak:


Since 1978, Novak has been proud to be a part of the remote-controlled hobby industry, designing and manufacturing important and innovative products to the market such as the modern-day ESC for R/C cars in 1983 (NESC-1), and the first R/C car sensored brushless motor and ESC in 2002 (Super Sport Brushless System). Our customers, our business partners, and all of the friendships we have formed in this industry have made owning and operating Novak not feel like “work” but rather fulfilling a passion.

We are announcing that we have decided to close down our operations effective today. This decision was difficult to make, as this has been a family business spanning two generations.

We are proud that we were able to continue to manufacture products in California during our 38 years in business, and we hope we have been a good steward to the industry. 20 IFMAR World Championships and countless ROAR and Club races were won with Novak products over the years and we want to especially thank our customers and race organizations for their belief in our product and their enthusiasm for the hobby.

Rather than saying good-bye, we wish to say thank you. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this incredible hobby and industry!

Bob Novak Laura Novak Linda Novak


Team Novak closes after 38 years

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Updated: June 15, 2016 — 12:26 PM


  1. I may be late to the party, but…well, it’s always sad to learn of history claiming another great.

    I never even ran Novak products. I’ve always been a nitro nut, and in fact didn’t get my first hobby grade electric RC until just this past February despite running hobby grade stuff since 2003. But even I knew that Novak was the first port of call for anyone needing an electronic speed control, that they made the best examples in RC for any application you cared to shake a stick at. Had I found it within my means to buy one of the few electric kits I had eyes on during ya’ll’s time with us, I’da probably powered it with Novak parts.

    Almost makes me want to track down a Novak ESC on eBay for my old Tamiya buggy, or build one of those Tamiya FWD cars with Novak power, maybe a Tamiya semi truck.

    Even us nitro nuts miss ya, Novak~

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  3. This is sad and makes me angry. Officially boycotting Trinity forever.

  4. I have always used your products.

    I will tell my 7 yr old son of the great products I once used.

    Good Times!

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  6. You have given so much to the RC Community, and I sincerely thank you Bob Novak, your family, and employees. I, like many, started off in this hobby as a child in the 80s and I had seen Novak products throughout the pages of RCCA. I had spent several years wanting to upgrade to an Novak speed control. Finally, as I got more into the hobby, I was able to purchase my first Novak speed control at the age of 12-13 years old, when I was putting together a new Optima Mid-SE with paper route money. I wrote a letter to the company asking if they had decals available that I could use on my new car. To my amazement, I received an envelope back with enough decals to fill my car full of Novak logos. I grew up with such a high regard and respect for the company and brand. My RC experience wouldn’t have been the same without Novak.

    In 2010, once my son was reaching the RC age range (6-7 years old) I wanted to introduce hobby grade RC cars to him, so I looked up local RC Tracks. I was glad to see there were still several tracks we could go to and was ecstatic to see that Novak was still going strong. Over the next 2-3 years I built a track in my backyard with my son, and purchased about
    5-6 off-road buggies and trucks, as well as 2 on-road cars. Needless to say, these were all Novak powered brushless motor/speed control combos and I never considered anything else. I realized in 2010 that Novak was a local California company and manufacturing in California and really couldn’t have more respect for such a quality outfit. For me, you were the most influential company in the RC industry and you’ll truly be missed, especially in 5-7 years when my newborn son reaches the RC age. Thank you from one of your many fans.

  7. I sent them 2 ESC and a motor a bout
    A.mouth ago any word if I will get it back

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  9. can i buy up all your brushed can motors? 😀

  10. With all the products coming from China I can see why

  11. This is very sad news indeed, for the RC Car industry especially. Ran and used Novak products since the mid 80s. Was just chatting with someone about your products the other day. I had great system in my RC 10L and RC 10… I then switched to a Losi XX with a Hammer Pro and a Novak Micro receiver. That car rocked and super smooth thanks to a killer, in its time, speed controller. Your customer service was simply amazing. Thanks for the great memories with your products, always at the forefront of RC and making my cars rip!!! Cheers. John Maerzluft

  12. sorry to here this,i still have many of your products. what now. will miss you;

  13. You guys are AWESOME and will be missed in everything you did towards the rc industry!

  14. No your not Novak, you stay were you are we need you.

  15. thank you so much for great stuff I wish novak wasn’t closeing thank you

  16. I used a Novak speed control in every rc car i owned over the last 35 years. Will miss you and the superior products that you manufactured for the racer and basher.

    Wish you did not have to go. Thank you for all the good stuff.

  17. So sad to hear this news Novak has been in so many of my remote control cars since I began with my obsession with remote control cars. Thank you all for your contributions to the sport

  18. OMG!! What a shock! (Has hell frozen over?)
    My son and I have been proponents of Novak products since we bought our first ESC, a T4, in 1989. We now proudly own and use more than 50 Novak electronic products, including that 1st T4.

    I am true a believer in the adage that “A company is only as good as their customer service”. Well, I have personally dealt with many customer service departments thru the last 27 years of racing, both RC and full size cars, and Novak customer service is absolutely second to none! Not once was I made to feel that my problem did not matter to them. They have always gone above and beyond to help.

    To Bob, his family, and all of the employees of Team Novak, thank you for all your help. We miss you already.

  19. I have been involved with Team Novak products since I first strapped a 410 ESC into my RC10 Team Car in 1995. As a consumer, I always opted to go orange.

    Ten years after, as I became an industry insider, I had the pleasure of touring Team Novak’s facility, and getting to meet the wonderful people responsible for creating such innovative products.

    Bob Novak is the epitome of kind and professional, and long term employees like Charlie Suangka made Team Novak extremely approachable and a favorite brand within the industry itself.

    Take care, everyone. Thank you for remaining a truly American company as long as you did, and best of luck!

  20. Thank You Novak we have been backyard bashing since 1991 and Novak has been with us all the way you will be missed TK RACING Auburn WA


  22. sorry to here this news. i was with you from the t4 on. i will miss all the help i got from charlie no matter who’s stuff i was running you guys, team Novak were always there to help a racer out.

  23. oooooo my God. such good things from novak.i have a lot of novak things. i will really miss you and your products . thanks

  24. Thanks for your quality components and stilish motor and esc.I’m an xbr system owner.thanks for everything.

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