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Erich Reichert’s Blog

The Perks Of Being A Pro

Many of us start our paths in RC racing to enjoy a sunny weekend afternoon with our buddies and experience the thrill of competition. Tuning and wrenching, getting your car set up to go faster than ever before in hopes of taking home… well nothing. Yes there’s the bragging rights, possibly a little bit of […]

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Chicken Soup for the Racer’s Soul

By now you’ve probably figured out that I’m sort of a softy when it comes to nostalgia and memories of growing up. I think where we come from and the things in our lives that occur mold us into the people we are today and for me RC was a huge part of that and […]

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RC and My Very Best Friend

I consider myself very fortunate to have gotten into this hobby when I did; what most consider the beginnings of the modern era of RC or to me, the mid 80’s. When I was in school I spent almost all of my free time working on my cars, cutting chassis’ out of plexiglass and trying […]

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Old Is the New “New”

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m also a big vintage RC collector. When my son was being born, I took some time off from racing and starting collecting and restoring old cars I’d wanted since I was a kid. Over the years I’ve built up quite a collection of shelf queens but also enough […]

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Where it all began

People always ask me “how did you get started in RC” to which I answer quite simply “detention”. Flashback to the Fall of 1985, St. Margaret’s McTernan private school in Waterbury, CT. The scene is a cloudy, blustery October day and our young hero (me of course), sporting an Egon from Ghostbusters hairdo, huge copper tinted […]

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