DuraTrax Vendetta TC

DuraTrax Vendetta TC

DuraTrax’s 1/18-scale lineup has been expanded now to include a ready-to-run touring car, the Vendetta TC RTR. Since it is based on the previous Vendetta vehicles, the road-driven version features a molded-plastic semi-tub chassis, 4-wheel independent suspension with fluid-filled shocks, ball differentials and a shaft-driven 4WD drivetrain spinning on ball bearings. Even better is that it’s only $160, fully RTR out of the box and also comes with a one-year guarantee from DuraTrax. If you break any Stress-Tech plastic part in the first year, DuraTrax will replace it free of charge. The car comes with rubber tires that work well on pavement and carpet tracks alike. I headed to my local hobby shop, Pin Shop Hobbies in Oakville, CT, for testing.


At Pin Shop, the small banked oval track was clear; good thing because I haven’t raced oval for well over a year. The car seemed very fast, and I had to slow down to get a feel for the track. It was fun, and at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle, the car was very quick and hooked up on the track since all four tires are powered. Hitting full speed was rough on this small track, and to get around the corners, the car would actually drift by kicking out the rear. I was consistently able to make fast laps, but I think with some foam tires and traction compound, the car would have stayed planted. After I had gone through the first battery pack, I was able to make much cleaner, faster laps. No more hitting the wall head on or slapping the sides of the track. Even though it’s a mini, this car proved to be durable. After I had finished my testing, there was no breakage. I had another pack and let some young kids take the wheel. They were nervous they would break it, but I told them to have fun. Every couple of seconds, you could hear the Vendetta slap the wall or they would crash it into the wall. Once they had drained the pack, I checked out the car and couldn’t believe the Vendetta showed no sign of damage. I was amazed that a mini could take so much abuse. At the end of the day, I was impressed; the car was fast and fun on the track and it was super durable. The Vendetta TC RTR is certainly a solid choice for a mini on-road racer.


Scale: 1/18

Length: 10.4 in. (265mm)

Width: 4.5 in. (115mm)

Wheelbase: 6.3 in. (160mm)

Chassis: Composite tub style

Suspension: 4-wheel independent/adjustable
Drivetrain: Single-speed 4WD
Differentials: Planetary steer gears front and rear
Motor: VR3 380 size

Speed control: ESC7500 w/ heat sink

Radio: 2-channel 27MHz Tactic AM Pistol radio

Steering servo: TSX 200 standard steering servo

Body: Painted and factory trimmed
Ball bearings: Teflon-sealed ball bearings


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Updated: November 23, 2010 — 5:28 PM
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