DuraTrax gear: Performance Buggy & Truggy tires, Power Kit 1500

DuraTrax gear: Performance Buggy & Truggy tires, Power Kit 1500

New from DuraTrax:

Performance Buggy & Truggy tires

There’s no need to choose between high performance and low prices — DuraTrax Performance Tires deliver both in the same resealable package. They’re molded from a long-lasting compound that’s already racked up major wins around the world. And in addition to featuring tread patterns ideal for all off-road surfaces, DuraTrax tires and wheels are available separately as well as in mounted sets. Inserts are included with tires and mounted tire sets, for solid sidewall support and extra value. Check it out!

  • DuraTrax Performance Tires not only offer an attractive blend of performance and price; they also offer a number of welcome conveniences.
  • Tightening the wheel nut makes this unique star pattern grip the nut tighter, improving hold.
  • Durable, color-coded sidewall markings make it easy to identify each tread pattern at a glance.
  • Resealable packaging offers an easy way to stay organized and a clear view of color coding.
  • Decals let drivers mark mounting positions for each tire, to simplify future setup.

DTXC3610 X-CONS™ 1/8 Buggy Tire MNTD (2) $24.99
DTXC3615 LOCKUP™ 1/8 Buggy Tire MNTD (2) $24.99
DTXC3620 LINEUP™ 1/8 Buggy Tire MNTD (2) $24.99
DTXC3625 SHOTGUN™ 1/8 Buggy Tire MNTD (2) $24.99
DTXC3630 POSSE™ 1/8 Buggy Tire MNTD (2) $24.99
DTXC3635 DERRINGER™ Buggy Tire MNTD (2) $24.99
DTXC3640 SPURZ™ 1/8 Buggy Tire MNTD (2) $24.99
DTXC3660 X-CONS 1/8 Truggy Tire MNTD (2) $34.99
DTXC3662 X-CONS Offset Truggy Tire MNTD (2) $34.99
DTXC3665 POSSE 1/8 Truggy Tire MNTD (2) $34.99
DTXC3667 POSSE Offset Truggy Tire MNTD (2) $34.99
DTXC3710 X-CONS 1/8 Buggy Tire (2) $16.99
DTXC3715 LOCKUP 1/8 Buggy Tire (2) $16.99
DTXC3720 LINEUP 1/8 Buggy Tire (2) $16.99
DTXC3725 SHOTGUN 1/8 Buggy Tire (2) $16.99
DTXC3730 POSSE 1/8 Buggy Tire (2) $16.99
DTXC3735 DERRINGER 1/8 Buggy Tire (2) $16.99
DTXC3740 SPURZ 1/8 Buggy Tire (2) $16.99
DTXC3760 X-CONS 1/8 Truggy Tire (2) $24.99
DTXC3765 POSSE 1/8 Truggy Tire (2) $24.99
DTXC3802 1/8 Buggy Tire Insert (4) $14.99
DTXC3806 1/8 Truggy Tire Insert (2) $14.99
DTXC3812 1/8 Buggy Wheel White (4) $15.99
DTXC3816 1/8 Truggy Wheel White (4) $8.99
DTXC3817 1/8 Offset Truggy Wheel White (4) $8.99

Available late October.

Power Kit 1500

Check out this indispensable, inexpensive, all-in-one electric power kit package! True, DuraTrax designed it for the Evader EXT2 — but it’ll work with most electric RTR vehicles like the Evader DT, the Evader EXT, and of course, the Evader EXT2!

In fact, the Power Kit makes an ideal battery/charger starter package for almost any electric RTR vehicle you can name. It includes an Onyx™ 6-cell, 1500 NiMH battery pack with a multi-strand, silicone wire lead and standard connector; a 110V AC wall charger that delivers a continuous flow of 700mA DC current for 6-cell packs (39-3/8 in (1 m) lead); and (8) 1.5V “AA” alkaline cells for drop-in radio transmitter power. And while the Power Kit is invaluable to electric RTR vehicle drivers, it’s also a great buy for modelers who run electric boats!


Battery Dimensions: 5-3/16 x 1-3/4 x 15/16 in (132 x 45 x 24 mm)
Weight: 9-3/8 oz (266 g)

DTXP4615 Power Kit 1500 NiMH Charger 8 AA $19.99

Available early October.

Trevor “Chilly” Duncan
Online News Editor
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Updated: December 18, 2010 — 7:09 PM
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