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Durango DEX210/DESC210 Hop-Ups from EXOTEK Racing

Durango DEX210/DESC210 Hop-Ups from EXOTEK Racing

Own a Durango DEX210 buggy or a DESC210 short course truck? Well here are a plethora of new hop-up parts available for your vehicles from Exotek Racing. In stock formation, these two Durango rigs already produce high performance handling on the track, but it doesn’t hurt to bling out your ride. Not only does Exotek hook you up with sick looking parts that will make your race buddies jealous, but they also offer performance enhancements and durability. Some notable features from more than a few of the parts are the use of alloy aluminum where plastic parts used to be, beefy 4mm carbon fiber front and rear shock towers, more precise and stiffer aluminum steering assembly parts, a 20 gram brass front weight to give you more steering and a super durable aluminum spur/pinion gear cover that has plenty of room for big pinion gears used in 17.5 motor racing. For full information and specs on all these parts, be sure to visit the Exotek Racing website. – Joel Navarro



Updated: May 9, 2016 — 5:44 AM
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