Team Durango Announces New Off-Road Racing Lineup

Team Durango Announces New Off-Road Racing Lineup

Team Durango has announced an entirely new lineup of vehicles. These aren’t updated versions of old platforms, but completely new designs with innovative features. Designed with high-level racing in mind, the off-road vehicles share many components for easier parts availability. We first spotted the cars at the 2015 Cactus Classic, and now they’re ready to hit the market. The lineup includes the DESC10 1/10-scale 4WD short course electric truck, DNX8 1/8-scale nitro buggy, DEX8 1/8-scale electric buggy, and DEX8T 1/8-scale electric truggy. Look for reviews in RCCA soon; in the meantime, have a look at the new machines. For more pics and all of Durango’s PR info, click the header for each car.



TD DESC10 (9)

The chassis is 3mm premium-quality 7075 T6 Aluminum hard-anodized, with milling and all the components are arranged for better handling and easy maintenance.

The DESC10’s chassis is premium-quality 3mm  hard-anodized 7075 T6 Aluminum with strategic milling. All the components are arranged for better handling and easy maintenance. The battery tray can be configured for many different styles of LiPo batteries. Notice how efficient everything is laid out and arranged for better handling. This truck is designed to work with 550 or larger sized motors giving it plenty of grunt.

Features include:

  • Equalized and adjustable weight distribution improves handling and makes driving more consistent.
  • Easy access to the center differential makes motor positioning fixed to help reduce maintenance and eliminates needing to set the gear mesh as often. It’s called the “sliding gear mesh” and something we wish more vehicles included.
  • All-new independent active caster inserts. As short-course has evolved in to today’s racing vehicles, Team Durango keeps up and gives racers more options for tuning.
  • Like the other vehicles in the lineup, access to the front, center and rear differentials is easy and only requires removing a few screws.
  • The front of the DESC10 uses proven pivot ball suspension which is known for consistent and predictable handling.
  • Premium-quality 3mm 7075 T6 aluminum hard-anodized chassis with strategic milling to help reduce overall weight and flex characteristics unique to short-course trucks.
  • 16mm big-bore shocks with threaded bodies help tame rough areas of the track and provide smooth action. We like that this keep the design in touch with current racing trends and helps elevate real-world performance.
  • Crashes happen and the DESC10 has a number of great features included to help increase durability while maintaining performance.





TD DNX8 (9)

The DNX8 is  an entirely new platform with a completely new approach for Durango. Even the body was specifically designed and developed for modern tracks.


The DNX8 has a lot of innovative features racers will appreciate.

The DNX8 has a lot of innovative features racers will appreciate. Notice how the entire radio tray can be removed with the braking system intact, so there’s no need to disturb the linkages. This makes maintenance easier and assures settings stay consistent. Less time in the pits means more time for other duties– like driving.

Features include:

  • Strong polycarbonate pre-trimmed cab-forward body makes mounting easy. Styling is in synch with today’s trend for aggressive steering and looks.
  • Includes 16mm big-bore shocks with threaded bodies- just like the ones seen on the other vehicles, only specifically made for this nitro buggy.
  • Milled premium-quality 7075 T6 aluminum hard-anodized shock towers and chassis. It’s these subtle details that we appreciate and help elevate it to a level racers expect and appreciate.
  • Durable features keep the buggy going in long mains, and make replacing parts less frequent and costly.




The layout on the DEX8 is designed for optimum weight distribution and can be configure to the user's needs.

The DEX8 is the electric version of the DNX8 and shares many parts with the nitro car. The chassis layout is designed for optimum weight distribution and can be configured to suiy a variety of setups. Today’s electronics are more powerful and faster than ever and the DEX8 takes advantage of this. The DEX8 shares a lot of features that the DEX8 has with a few noticeable exceptions that make it more suited for electric use. Features unique the DEX8 include a multi-configuration battery tray and custom chassis milling specific to the car’s electric mission.



 The DEX8T will satisfy the electric truggy fans.

No lineup would be complete without an electric truggy and the DEX8T is purpose built for racing. Check the 16mm Big-Bore shocks- perfect for handling the terrain of serious tracks. The shocks are also protected by plastic mud guards- a nice touch.

Features include:

  • Patent Pending Team Durango sliding gear mesh.
  • All-new independent active caster inserts.
  • Easy access to front and rear gearbox and differentials along with center differential help with tuning and maintenance.
  • Premium-quality 3mm 7075 T6 aluminum hard-anodized chassis with milling to improve flex characteristics while reducing overall weight.
  • Many of the parts in the kit are pre-assembled, making the process stress-free and time to the track faster.
  • 16mm big-bore shocks with threaded bodies.
  • Create your own custom weight configuration by easily altering the battery layout.
  • Clear polycarbonate body shell is also included for your own personal touch- we like bright pro-level schemes that make it look just as good on the outside.




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