Don’t Call Them Toys!!!

Don’t Call Them Toys!!!

I’ll apologize right now for upsetting you. I know some of you will be close to foaming at the mouth when I say it, but regardless of how much they cost or how sophisticated they get, RC cars are–brace yourself–just toys. Even though I’m as committed and passionate about this hobby as you can get, I know a toy when I see one. You can call them big boy toys or some other clever spin on the concept, but a toy is a toy is a toy. It doesn’t make them less cool. It just means if your real car breaks down, you can’t turn to your 1/8-scale buggy as a viable way to get to work. Why? Because it’s a toy and not a real car.

I know why calling them toys gets under some people’s skin. It’s because calling them toys puts them on the same level as the toy store stuff that is, well, total garbage compared to the vehicles we know as RC. The word toy implies simplicity. Calling them toys implies real RC cars are for little kids. This is also a hobby and not just playing. I agree with all of that, but…well, you know how I feel.

So, if you feel differently let’s hear it. I want someone to convince me that our beloved RC masterpieces of engineering should never be called toys.

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Updated: July 20, 2015 — 3:35 PM
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