DirtChamp Design Portable Lap Timing System

DirtChamp Design Portable Lap Timing System

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Next-Gen Multi-User RC Lap Timing System

TimeR is the main product in DirtChamp Designs Next-Gen RC Lap counting system.

It is a small case, only 130x85x18 mm, and is mounted on a tripod that is included. TimeR communicates with a DCD Transponder in your car using IR-light. It communicates with your PC using a Bluetooth link in order to create the flexibility needed when attending a track.

TimeR can handle as much as 5 cars passing the finish line at the exact same time. Inside the TimeR is a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, which is charged using the included USB cable in your PC. When fully charged the battery lasts for more than 12 hours.

Features List

  • Run Time >12
  • IR Range > 4-7 meter depending on conditions
  • Bluetooth Range > 100m
  • Powerd by a Li-lon cell charged using uncluded USB-cable.
  • Unique transponder number that allows unlimited users.
  • Tripod placed TimeR to eliminate problems with multiple cars passing the finishing line at the same time. The tripod can be set to different heights to handle different sizes of cars.
  • IR-based transmission between car and TimeR with a range of approximately 4 to 7 meters, depending on conditions.
  • Wireless connections between TimeR and PC using Class 1 Bluetooth link, with up to 100m of operation in free line of sight.
  • TimeR is powered by an internal Li-Ion cell that lasts more than 12 hours. This allows for non-stop use during a full Race day.
  • A track temperature indicator in LapR provides the actual track temperature measured from inside the TimeR.

Live race timing in your PC

The combination of LapR and TimeR provides a unique functionality of wireless real time lap times. No other lap timing system can do that today! This gives you the flexibility and opportunity yet unseen in RC racing. Since there are unlimited users and unique DCD Transponder numbers, this system is ideal to share between RC friends, club members or team members.

Meet LapR 1.0.3

LapR is the name of the advanced lap timing software that controls all the handling of TimeR, Ditchamp Designs lap timing hardware that communicates with the transponders in the cars. The most important feature of LapR is its easy-to-use graphical user interface, which is specifically designed to handle small screens of portable EE-PCs. The software is constantly improving and to provide our customers with the support they deserve, we release service updates each month! . We have only just begun to show you the power of DirtChamp Designs revolutionary ideas on how RC Racing should be timed!


All users are registered in LapR with their unique DCD Transponder number, name and car. Following data is presented in a separate dashboard for each user:

  • Best lap time
  • Last lap time
  • Average lap time
  • Best heat time
  • Number of mistakes
  • Total number of lap times
  • Total track time
  • The open practice tab shows all user’s lap times in one table. Each user also has its own table that shows just his/her lap times.
  • LapR keeps track of each user, heats are started automatically and results are shown in real time .
  • Minimum lap time is set in LapR to prevent dual lap times due to accidental multiple passes.
  • Nominal lap time is set in LapR to count and approximate the number of mistakes a user makes during a heat.
  • A session score board is shown in open practice mode to keep track of who is on top with regard to lap times, heat results, mistakes etc.
  • A battery indicator in LapR provides information of the status of the battery inside TimeR
  • A track temperature indicator in LapR provides the actual track temperature measured from inside the TimeR.
  • Each time you attend a new track, you can add it to your track dictionary in LapR. Every track can hold an infinite number of sessions, enabling you to sort all results in a structured manner.
  • All data is automatically stored in LapR, no saving is necessary. All changes are stored and recalled each time the LapR is restarted.
  • A note field is associated with each lap in the users tab. This field can be used to remind of setup changes etc. and to correlate lap times with changes. These notes are automatically stored for each user.
  • LapR´s Sniffer mode helps you find a out a lost transponder number
  • LapR can be configured to play a sound whenever a transponder hit is registered
  • LapR includes a race mode to run heats with different lengths, each heat can consist of up to 20 users and can be configured to use qualifications- or final mode.
  • LapR has a built in report function that collects all data for a chosen user and prints it to a pdf-file.

DCD Transponder

DCD Transponder is placed in your car. It is one of the smallest IR-based transponder in the business with its 22x21x5 mm. Each transponder has its own world unique ID, this rules out all confusions of users associated to a transponder! It also holds a red LED to indicate transmitting and has en encapsulation to protect from dirt and to some extent water. Transponder is mounted on the side window of your car with either screws or servo tape. Drill a small hole in your car body to ensure good transmission and you are ready to go!

All you need in a box

DirtChamp Design is proud to present a complete package for your new lap timing system, it contains the following:

  • TimeR, the lap counting unit
  • LapR, the advanced timing and analyze software
  • DCD Transponder with world unique ID
  • Tripod for TimeR

This package will get you up and running within 10 minutes!

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Updated: July 22, 2015 — 11:48 AM
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