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Dirt Jumping (BMX) with Jared Tebo at Sheep Hills, CA (VIDEO)

Dirt Jumping (BMX) with Jared Tebo at Sheep Hills, CA (VIDEO)

The story goes: Jared Tebo, hasn’t been trail riding in 5 years. One day he got this wild urge to start jumping again while spending a weekend in California, so he went to the local shop and came home with a new bike. World famous riding spot, Sheep Hills, was just a few minutes from where he was staying in Costa Mesa, Ca., so he hit the trails. “It’s like riding a bicycle…”

Updated: September 13, 2011 — 5:45 PM
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  1. i enjoy both dirt jumping annnnnnnd RC. If im hurt fom riding then i always like to spend time with my RC trucks

  2. Pretty cool inside to JTP, keep it up!

  3. Hilarious dude with Slash. Schooling Tebo on RC!

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