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DHK Hobby Maximus

DHK Hobby Maximus

With everything included in the box, it really was just a matter of mounting the wheels and charging the batteries before hitting the dirt. The included charger is an AC balancing charger, but with a maximum output of only 1A, it does the job very slowly. With two 7.4V 3200mAh packs to charge, I got impatient and threw them on different chargers and filled them up at a 1C (3.2A) charge rate. But before going to the track, I decided to see just how fast the 2260Kv motor and 4S LiPo could propel the Maximus with a few speed passes on the street. Although I didn’t have a radar gun handy, I’ve done plenty of speed runs, and this monster was very fast, and going over 40mph easily. Since I still had to actually test the truck, I wasn’t comfortable hitting terminal velocity, especially with the big tires humming down the street. The tires expanded in size as it passed, but I certainly don’t doubt the 50+mph claimed top speed. Before putting it on the track, I mounted up a setup station just to see what the factory camber settings were—negative 2.5 degrees all around—a reasonable setting and more importantly consistent corner-to-corner. Once on the track, the first thing I noticed was how well the big blocks on the huge 5.75-inch tires dug into the dirt to make traction. Punching it off the line made the Maximus hunker down hard in the rear, but the center differential kept the front end from lifting. After doing a couple of recon laps to get a feel for the truck and the layout, I started pushing the truck harder. Because of the buggy-based chassis layout, the handling was unsurprisingly balanced; there was a safe and predictable push around corners, which I attribute to the tires.
Jumps didn’t faze the Maximus one bit—just line up, punch it, and let the tires and big shocks soak up the landing. In-air attitude was controllable, but a bit touchy on the brakes. If I tapped the brakes too hard in the air, the nose would drop violently and over-rotate the truck if I wasn’t careful. I knew the Maximus was set up for speed; the gearing, the chassis layout, the battery configuration, and the motor all indicated that. But that didn’t stop me from hitting a rock pile close by to see how it worked as a crawler. I certainly didn’t expect it to work like a purpose-built crawler, but it wasn’t too bad. The big tires clawed and scratched their way around the rocks. All in all, my experience with the Maximus was very positive, and the truck itself completely outshines the supporting gear that comes with it. The 2.4GHz radio was basic, but did the job without a fuss just like the included charger. As a newcomer to the market, I think DHK Hobby has done an admirable job packaging a great, solid truck in an all-inclusive, ready-to-go setup.

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Updated: July 20, 2015 — 2:39 PM

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  1. Hi there, I was just wondering if it would take two 3s battery’s?

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