CowRC Cow-Formal Waterproof Electronics Coating

CowRC Cow-Formal Waterproof Electronics Coating


CowRC’s Cow-Formal Waterproof Electronics Coating is a silicone conformal coating formulated to protect your sensitive RC electronics from the elements. This industrial-grade coating is a thicker viscosity than other cheaper options, ensuring better initial coating which leads to better overall protection. Each 15ml bottle of Cow-Formal comes with an applicator brush built into the cap and is enough to coat up to 10 ESCs or RC receivers.


Cow-Formal I very simple to apply. After cleaning our test ESC, I set to work coating the board, front and back. The thickness of the Cow-Formal is perfect, just the right amount of viscosity to run into the different crevices of the board without being too runny and flowing off the edge of the circuit board. The application brush makes the coating process extremely simple. Simply unscrew the cap and apply.

I followed CowRC’s instructions by applying a thick coating to one side of the board first and letting it dry. The Cow-Formal starts to get tacky within a matter of minutes, but ideally you will want to leave it to dry around 45 minutes to an hour between coats. The drying tie will vary depending on your ambient temperature and humidity, of course. Cow-Formal contains toluene, which is good as it helps the product dry relatively quickly, but it also has a strong smell, so be sure to work in a well-ventilated area.

The coating process was very easy and seamless, and I was able to apply additional coats as needed to cover any missed portions. After leaving the board to dry the Cow-Formal leaves behind a thick silicone coating, keeping the circuitry sealed away from the elements. I feel confident that this conformal coating will keep my newly treated ESC from harm if it gets wet and even though I won’t be going out of my way to fully submerge it in water any time soon, I certainly feel confident that it will keep the sensitive ESC circuit board protected.

CowRC’s Cow-Formal is a great product for waterproofing electronics components such as ESCs and receivers and will make a great addition to the tool kit of any RC enthusiast who often ventures outdoors. I know for me personally I will be applying Cow-Formal to all the receivers in my crawlers and outdoor bashing kits as it will help give me peace of mind when I go out into the wet.

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Cow-Formal Waterproof Electronics Coating
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Updated: November 4, 2021 — 9:57 AM
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