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V8-Powered Race Cars Should Be A Racing Class

V8-Powered Race Cars Should Be A Racing Class

These hand built Conley V8 engines are definitely awesome, but right away visions of one of these firing up on a big racetrack come to mind. While some guys are turning nitro vehicles in to brushless powered track killers, I vote for a next-level, V8 powered engine and bridge the gap between the scale builders and the racers. Hey we can dream right? By the way, there’s a whole world of people who build engines as a hobby, if only we could find a way to partner up, hint, hint.


Updated: May 23, 2016 — 9:34 AM

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  1. Only very few people are willing and able to throw that kind of money at their RC hobby. And those who do usually prefer to not have their cars bashed up on a race track.

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