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Check Out These Dorks [VIDEO]

Check Out These Dorks [VIDEO]

Carrera, maker of awesome slot car sets, also does toy-grade RC cars, for which we have the commercial below. Go ahead and watch it, because it is really something. The fact that it’s in German just makes it more bananas:

OK, lets take this thing apart:


Over-the-shoulder shot, scoping the ladies. Let’s see if these boys got game.


Toy cars up in here. That’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays off.


Oh yeah, it’s on. You can tell because they’re doing that “lowering your sunglasses because cool-guy s–t is about to go down” move that only happens in teen movies and in commercials like this that are trying to be like them.


The meet-cute mission. Steady boys, toy cars are basically cute-girl-repellent, but let’s see where this goes.


“OMG Becky what is going on here?” OK boys, you have their attention.


The cars squirt water. “Hey ladies, cool off your feet? Ha ha ha, I’m Zack and this is my boy Cody, what are your names?” Maybe that’ll work.


Oh crap my dude, in the face, really? She’s not feeling it brah.


Super not feeling it.


“LOL we pwned those girls.” Good lord you guys are clueless.


So at this point, the raging streams pumping out of those toy cars have driven the girls from their chairs and into the pool.


Which apparently was the plan, because now Z-Man and C-Dawg are toasting each other in the girls’ chairs, and drinking their girly drinks. That’ll be a cool story on Monday.
“Hey, guess who we saw at the pool. Becky and Kayla.”
“Whoa, like in bikinis and everything?”
“Uh, yeah, I guess.”
“Oh damn son, did you talk to them?”
“What? No! We squirted them with our toy cars, stole their chairs, and drank their drinks!” (Holds up hand for high-five, gets left hanging)
“You guys are frickin’ weird.”

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Updated: August 9, 2018 — 12:10 PM

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