Castle Creations HPI Baja Conversion Kit For The Mamba XL 1/5 Brushless System

Castle Creations HPI Baja Conversion Kit For The Mamba XL 1/5 Brushless System

1/5th scale, meet the future.

The HPI Baja 5B and 5T have a cult following; devotees worship speed and power, awesome off‐road action and long run times. The rest of the RC car world has been able to take advantage of the quiet, instant torque and insane speeds only electric power systems can supply. Now its time for 1/5th scale buggies and trucks to experience Castle electric drive.

Castle is providing a combo set containing the Mamba XL ESC, a Neu-Castle 2028 brushless motor, CC Blower motor cooling shroud, and all metal brackets required to convert a gasoline powered HPI Baja to mind blowing electric power.

The new Mamba XL is the only controller on the market able to handle the loads required to power these surprisingly heavy vehicles to insane speeds. We can prove it too, as the Mamba XL features all of the standard Mamba series programming features PLUS a first for the RC car market; data logging.

The controller actually measures and records parameters such as your battery volts, amp draw, motor rpm, controller temperature and battery ripple voltage. This is a great way to make sure that the entire setup is performing within limits. It’s also a great way to show that this combo is easily capable of pumping out up to 10 horsepower (peak).

This electric setup makes the stock gas engine look positively anemic.

The Baja chassis has plenty of room for up to 8S 2P LiPo, (33.6 volts). Run times with 8S 1P 5,000 mAh class cells are approximately 15 minutes – depending on driving style.

The on board switching BEC is able to lower that motor pack voltage to 5 volts, at up to 5 amps to provide the power needed by those big steering servos.

One more thing. Baja users can step into the future – and actually go backwards. Those annoying walks out to free the gas powered buggies are history!

Applications: HPI Baja 5B and 5T vehicles. Motor and controller will work in other vehicles, conversion kit plates are engineered specifically for the HPI products.

Conversion kit only – $89.95

Conversion Combo (includes Mamba XL ESC, NC2028 780kv Motor, Conversion Kit, and CC Blower fan shroud) – $649.95

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Updated: July 20, 2015 — 2:33 PM


  1. i need just the kit where can i buy let me know plzz

  2. Rovan RC offers a conversion kit for around $400, and try to get a coupon code or give them a call, usually they will help out.

  3. Good evening. I wanted to know if sent (brushless conversion kit for Baja 5B) in Italy. If so, I expect the cost of postage.

    Yours sincerely.

    1. Hi, unfortunately we don’t sell RC products, but instead publish the news and reviews of them instead.

  4. Intrested in this item. Let me kno if still available

    1. We don’t sell these items, only report the news on them. And it looks like this product is several years old now so honestly you might not be able to find it anymore.

  5. Hello Guys,

    I would like to know if this kit is still available for sale. If so, does it fit the HPI 5B Baja?

    1. No it doesn’t look like they offer it still.

  6. Will there be a review of this in RC Car Action anytime soon?

    1. Yes, we’ll have a full review soon that shows the install and complete performance potential

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