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How To Build Your Own RC Track [VIDEO]

How To Build Your Own RC Track [VIDEO]

From Hobbico:
Beef up get togethers with family and friends with your own RC track! It’s simple to build, and we show you how. Check out the instructions below and click the link above to see how simple it can be. Download and print full instructions here:

DIY Track Instructions


  • Sandbags*
  • 1-1/4” drywall/multi-purpose screws and 1/8” drill bit (optional)
  • Black marker for labeling (optional)
  • Tape measure
  • Hacksaw
  • PVC pipes*
  • Couplers*

*See blueprints in link above for amounts


Use the parts cutting guide to create all the pipe lengths needed for your layout.
Lay out the shape of the track. Do not connect any of the parts until you are ready.
Once you’re satisfied with the layout, connect the pipes and couplers.
Place sand bags in sections that tend to have higher speed impacts (like the ends of long straights). For additional support, place sandbags on the 2” pipes, pointing outward around the track edges.
(Optional) Press-fit pipes and connectors will stay connected when used with the sandbags. However, if you need to make the connection stronger, drill a 1/8” pilot hole approximately 1/2” from the edge of the connector and secure with short drywall screws.


Small-scale jumps:

Light-duty Duratrax Kwik Ramps (DTXC2374 & 2375) work great with 1/18 scale layouts. We recommend taping the leading edge of the ramp to the track to hold them in place.

1/10 scale jumps:

Simple jumps can be built using plywood, drain pipe and carpet pieces. First, cut and attach the plywood ramp section to the PVC pipe using screws. Next, staple a strip of low-pile carpet to the face of the jump so it hangs off the leading edge by 6-8.” This protects the jump and creates a “lip” so it sits on the ground smoothly. Use a sandbag to hold the jump in position.

“Rumble” section:

A plastic or wood trellis can be used to create a simple rumble section. Cut the section to the desired size. Use sandbags or tape the edges to hold it in place.

“Small bumps” section:

Use a carpet remnant with smaller PVC pipes or other objects underneath to create a bumpy section. Tape or weigh down the edges to hold them in place.
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How To Build Your Own RC Track

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