You biff the landing and your rig flips and cartwheels a million times before landing on its wheels. Do you walk over and carefully inspect it before getting back on the gas, or just floor it? Don’t lie, you just floor it. Turns out full-size truckers do the same, or at least these mud-boggin’ lunatics do. Watch this carnage from the Hold My Beer Nationals and see if it doesn’t remind you of your last go-big-or-go-home RC session. 



0:10 – Maybe the spectators should stand a little farther away
0:19 – “I think I may have broken something. Oh well, NOT LIFTING.”
0:50 – Upside down, helmet filling with muddy water…that has got to be terrifying
1:02 – Definitely need more FUELED BY HATERZ in my life
1:44 – What was holding that wheel on? Zip-ties?
2:00 – “I made it and I didn’t break nothin’!” Life comes at you fast…
2:30 – The lost Duke brother. Also, that truck is insanely strong.
2:49 – Metal-horns guy is feeling it
3:13 – Love the driveshaft sliding out. *sad trombone*
3:20 – “Hold ALL my beers.”
3:54 – Lame crash but look at the tents covered in mud right up against the track. Hope those dudes brought goggles!

Want more full-size-cars-getting-wrecked fun? In Alaska, they do it with a cliff. 

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Updated: February 22, 2018 — 11:04 AM
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