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Bat-Safe LiPo Charging Container – An inexpensive insurance policy

Bat-Safe LiPo Charging Container – An inexpensive insurance policy

I know from personal experience how much smoke, fumes, and fire can be produced if a LiPo goes bad or is charged improperly. It is just too easy to become complacent and take LiPo packs for granted. I was lucky with my little surprise—nothing was damaged and no one was hurt. Now, however, I take everything about LiPo batteries very seriously. If you want to stack the deck in your favor, then you might want to take a look at the Bat-Safe.

Measuring 12 x 9 x 7 inches, the Bat-Safe is a professionally designed LiPo-charging solution that can be used to charge and store up to 12S 5Ah packs. Weighing a mere four pounds, it has double-wall construction, fireproof seals, a spring-loaded latch for securing the lid,and a specially designed, airtight, synthetic wireway seal for the charging and balancing leads. Also included is a handy cloth carrying strap for easy transport and a metal attachment bracket to safely support your charger. The lid features a special fireproof filter material and has 60 half-inch-diameter openings that will let smoke and fumes out but prevent any fire from escaping.

To use the Bat-Safe, you first remove the wireway seal from the lid by pulling on the extensions from inside the container. The seal has two halves, and you place the charging and balance wires in between them and then insert the wires and the seal extensions into the opening in the lid from the outside. Pull the wireway seal down into place, and make sure that it seats properly on the top and bottom. The fit is solid, creating an airtight seal and preventing fire from escaping should your battery ignite. The metal charger attachment bracket has tabs that fit into the openings in the top of the lid, and heavy-duty Velcro fasteners are included to secure the bracket and your charger in place.

The Bat-Safe lid has 60 fil­tered openings to allow any potential fumes and gas to escape.

The Bat-Safe has double-wall construction and an airtight wireway seal to prevent potential heat and fire from escaping.

Priced at only $59.00, the Bat-Safe is a great insurance policy against faulty battery packs, which could cause damage when you least expect it. Even if you do use the Bat-Safe, it is always important to remember never to charge or discharge your battery packs while they are unattended. With the tremendous amount of energy contained in RC hobby-grade LiPo packs, you never want to take a chance. Safety first!


—Gerry Yarrish

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