Balancing Act [Tech Center]

Balancing Act [Tech Center]

Does tire balancing make a difference? How do I do it?

Balancing a race car’s tires helps it produce consistent traction (and more of it) and allows the car to operate more efficiently—important when you’re chasing hundredths of a second. For play-around driving, balancing tires isn’t important, but it’s not hard to do and you’ll find that your car rides smoother after balancing. The first thing you need is a tire balancer. You can buy tools specifically designed for this purpose or just use one of your car’s axles as a balancer. Remove the driveshaft so that the axle can spin freely, and give the wheel a spin. If the axle turns freely enough, you’ll see the wheel’s heavy spot move like a pendulum until it settles at the bottom. To balance the wheel, add weight to the opposite side. For that, you can use modeling clay or poster putty. Pinch off a pea-size chunk, and stick it onto the rim where the wheel face meets the tire bead. Spin the wheel again, and add more weight if needed or take a little away. When the wheel no longer finds a “heavy spot,” it’s balanced.

Modeling_clay (Custom)

Modeling clay or poster putty can be used to balance wheels.

Tire_balancer (Custom)

There are balancers designed specifically for RC car wheels, or you can use a balancer for RC plane props.  is is the Precision Magnetic Balancer by Top Flight.

Clay_on_wheel (Custom)

Stick clay on the rim opposite the “heavy” side to balance the wheel.

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Updated: February 3, 2017 — 10:31 AM
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