October Issue Review Preview: Axial Yeti

October Issue Review Preview: Axial Yeti

The Axial Yeti gets its full review in the October issue of Radio Control Car Action magazine, but we know you’re hungry for info now, so here’s a look at what’s to come.

The Yeti is a RTR rock racer that is slightly bigger than Axial’s Wraith and features a molded tub chassis, independent front suspension with a 4-link solid axle rear suspension, a 3S capable brushless power system, and awesome scale looks. Like a lot of you, I was excited about the release and couldn’t wait to see it in person and really couldn’t wait to get some wheel time with it. My first look at the Yeti was at the Axial office and I was blown away at the size of the truck when they pulled it out of the box. Until you see the Yeti in person, it’s hard to appreciate how big it actually is.

Of course I really like the scale look of this truck and while looking over the chassis I could see that it’s well thought out. When you have a vehicle with a tube style chassis and body it’s usually very difficult to get the battery in and out in a short amount of time. That’s not the case here; the body tilts up when you remove the front body clips to give you easy access to the battery tray. Completely removing the body from the chassis is also easy thanks to the rotating rear body mount. It makes a pivot for the rear of the body when the clips are in and swings out of the way once the rear body clips are removed.


Look at that chassis! Not only is it well thought out and very adjustable but it looks awesome at the same time. The rear suspension is fully adjustable (you can even tweak the sway bar) and this is the first RTR vehicle from Axial to have aluminum body shocks. That’s a single speed transmission and it’s packed full of metal gears and a slipper clutch. An optional 2-speed transmission will be available to give the truck more low-end grunt and top-end speed.



The beefy transmission is packed full of metal gears and the pinion and spur gears use 32 pitch size teeth for added durability. Look at the size of that brushless motor. There’s plenty of power to be had there. 



The 4-link rear suspension is fully adjustable and that includes the sway bar. Axial’s proven AR60 rear axle was originally developed for the Wraith and is equipped with a locker in the Yeti.


Driving the Yeti

Driving the Yeti is an awesome experience. You punch the throttle and this truck easily lights up all four tires and gets up to a decent speed in no time. I actually found myself stabbing the throttle multiple times when I first started driving the truck to see the dirt fly. The truck is designed to be driven on rocks and on the dirt so I tested it in those conditions. For me the truck was a little loose at high speed in the hard packed dirt area that I had to test in. Once I slowed down a little I had no trouble getting the Yeti where I wanted it to go. The speed control is very smooth and it really showed once I hit the rocks. I had plenty of control of the truck while navigating tight spots. The tire really shined on the rocks that I was running on; there was plenty of grip to be had. I can go on and on about the Yeti but you’ll just have to wait for more information. We have a full review for you and it will be in the October issue of Radio Control Car Action Magazine and it’s on sale in Aug.


Yep, that truck is throwing some serious roost. The Yeti is at home in the dirt as it is on the rocks. It sure looks like a real rock racer to me!



The Yeti is pretty good at jumping too, and that’s something you’re going to see on any rock-racing course. Everyone loves to jump!


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Updated: April 3, 2018 — 12:00 PM
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