Traxxas Slash 2WD Kit 900x250


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  1. I think you areway off base on your reasoning. If there is one defining reason crawling has platoed it is because of the costs to be competative. You couple that with the fact that to go to big events most have to travel long distances and people start to lose interest after time.

  2. Wow really. This guy does not make any sense whatsoever Just as many leaving as joining the rock crawling community, huh? The traffic over on RCC has more than double in the past year. The 2.2 Pro scene is as strong as ever especially since Axial has entered into the MOA market. Sounds like mister Higgins here doesn’t have a clue. Where have you been lately?

  3. What you little girls didn’t like to hear CRAWLING IS ALIVE AND WEEL HERE IN SAC

  4. You’re an idiot.

  5. what happened to the other posts that were deleted hmmmm. RCCA

    1. None were deleted. People are commenting on the video, not the blog post, so I needed tech to change this up so I could see the comments and approve them

  6. not sure about this article, crawling is alive and well here in sacramento ca =)

  7. RC rock crawling competitions are put together for people of all budgets. They have a 1.9 Class, 2.2 Sportsman Class, 2.2 Pro, and Supers. Those Classes are based for competition and not scale looks. You want something scale? They also have scale classes that can be enjoyed by anyone wanting to enjoy a RTR scaler. RC Rock Crawling is not dying, as a matter of fact RCC has new members joining and supporting them EVERY day. Do your homework before trying to express your ignorant mind.

  8. Good luck with your new job. DB.

  9. To think crawling is dying is absurd. It might not be the Hottest thing out at the moment, but so goes R/C, to say that the scaleness is what attracted people to crawling isn’t correct either, sure Scale trucks are hot in the crawling world right now, but the creativity of it and the pure customization is what made crawlers, and frankly RCCA doesn’t understand a world where if it doesn’t bolt on or come from the box it isn’t cool, Crawling was built on the backs of people who wanted something different, and one off, and not because of but in spite of trucks like the XR-10 it will always in some part be that way.


    1. Please understand that we offered the position that crawling isn’t dead.

  10. This is by far one of the dumbest, ill-informed things I’ve ever read. Seriously.

  11. Kind of funny coming from the “Industry Leading” Magazine that never really embraced the sport in the first place.

    Maybe if Traxxas were to enter the fray ?

    1. Really? You are just seeking attention. RC Car Action has embraced crawling and you know it, Dez.

  12. rcca don’t care for crawlers why this now? you have done nothing to help this hobby that is why many of us crawlers dont read your mag and wont n ow go kiss traxxas’s butt some more

  13. Wow… Narrow minds.. Crawling is getting bigger and bigger and each year the trucks keep getting better and better. 3 years ago, the trucks would not do half of the things that they can now.

    Look at the site RCrawlers It is the first and foremost authority in RC Rock Crawling. There are over 45,000 members on the site and just about every one of them has a Crawler of some sort. Yes this is a small demographic in comparison to racing, but how you can simply brush RC Crawling off to the wayside like you have is ridiculous! The competition scene is alive and well.

    Whether the interest be in Scale Rock Crawlers or Competition Rock Crawlers, there are more avid enthusiasts than you think. Its NOT a fad and is NOT going away.

    1. A little late to be joining this post but I’ve been racing 10th an 1/8 for 3 yrs now and have lol when I’ve seen crawlers adds but I got the new Axial Jeep rtr for my 6 yr old girl and well…… I now have all the rtr and kits And dame I’ve been missing out I got hit with the bug hard I got all 6 Scx10 and all the upgrades this is a great hobby I’m building a 10,000 $ rock/ trail track in the back and I just got into this 2/13 .i don’t see how you can not love this crawling sport it’s the best and I have found many guys that just got in to hobby . I guess it’s just here in Texas there is not to many natural places to go to its all flat and mud down here but it is getting to be craze around here just saying

  14. There is a Sportsman’s Class to bans DIG and MOA

    1. I wasn’t aware that MOA is banned in USRCCA’s Sportsman class. Are you 10% sure?

      1. and by 10% I mean 100% sure

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